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welcome to the singularity ; sacrosanct secure network

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you'll see what vengeance means
mybrotherfought wrote in singularity_rpg
[oh hey it's megaman]

[oh hey he looks both really angry and confused]

Okay, look. No matter what this woman...

[He holds up a holo picture of Vonnie Awning]

... says to you?




her boyfriend.

I don't even know her. I'm not obligated to do any boyfriendy things and I'm not interested in being ANYBODY'S boyfriend, thanks.


That's all.

Private//encrypted 50% to Forte


I need to punch something.

Where are you.

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You didn't sign anything, did you?

I, uh.


BUT SHE MADE ME DO IT, she was up in my face and I make it a policy not to murder humans, and I couldn't really say no, and she didn't even give me a chance to read the damn things...

No I'm not!

Look, I'm sure you're real nice, but I don't even know anything about you, other than that you have a name and you seem to have this thing for forms and rules! And if that's the case it's just not going to work out because I have a thing for blowing things up and not caring about the rules.

Like it's kind of my job to break all the rules. All of them.

You got a girlfriend and didn't tell me?!?

[video] isn't that your brother's shtick


There was a misunderstanding and some papers got signed, she's not my girlfriend!

[He is totally snickering at your misery over here, don't mind him.]

What's the matter, can't even handle the local ladies?

And I'm not a freaking punching bag; whaddaya want?


I want a fight, damn it, do I have to ask twice?

That's what I said

Okay, so, the stupid... mistletoe spores glitched me and did something that made us kiss, and while I was still reeling she shoved some forms in my face, so I signed them, and now she's saying I'm her boyfriend, and it's stupid, I don't even know her.

[ giggling ]


What, no! I don't know her, like I said!

Uh-oh. You are in so much trouble, Rock Guy! All the trouble. I have seen this before.

[ The most meaningful look. ]

You need to put a stop to this right now. Before she does something supid that you will both regret! Like maybe luring you to her lair and putting on a pretty dress and smooching the shit out of you. Bleagh.

I suggest telling her that you are already Earth human married. Loudly. From a distance.

Oh hell no

I'm trying! Trust me, I'm trying, but when I asked her if we could break up she told me I had to fill out nine hundred pages of paperwork.

So I am, because to hell with this, but damn!

And if I told her THAT she'd just give me more forms. Also, I can't be earth human married, as I am not a human.

First Proto now you? Man, Light really builds some ladykillers huh?

This is different!

Proto at least knows Kim, right, they were friends first? This lady just kissed me on the street because of mistletoe spores! I don't even know her!

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