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welcome to the singularity ; sacrosanct secure network

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have it your way
checkthetapes wrote in singularity_rpg
[flagged to the AVENGERS || locked against CHARLES XAVIER]

Oh, bravo to those of you who participated in that little skirmish against Magneto last week. And congratulations especially on failing to contact the one person on Sacrosanct that has actual experience fighting the man. Do I have you to thank for that oversight, Agent Carter? You, Barton?

Next time my father crucifies one of you pathetic little flatscans to make a point, be aware you're on your own.

[locked to the SCARLET WITCH || 100%]

Sister, we've spent quite enough time in the company of humans. I believe a relocation is in order.

[locked to MAGNETO || 100%]

You have more than a little explaining to do.

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Oho, your dad is here and he crucifies people, hm? Aha, so it's daddy issues! No wonder you're cranky all the time, Pietapetamaximoff!

[But seriously.] Really, though, what's this about skirmishes and crucifying?

[do you hear this, Camille? This is the most audible hanging-up-upon anyone has ever endured. Ever.

He's done with your nicknames. Really.]

What? Wait, what? What happened? [Someone's been out of the loop. Someone was never in the loop to begin with.]

Ask the Avengers.

[BITTER? HIM? Of course not.]

[Audio - Locked to QUICKSILVER]

A relocation? Where did you have in mind?

[Because there's only so much distance they can put between themselves and others.]

[Audio - Locked to SCARLET WITCH]

One of the wilderness zones, perhaps. There's one that imitates the Balkans.

[video, locked against Chuck, sure]

I trust we've all learned a valuable lesson about fighting the Master of Magnetism on his home turf.

Which is to say, civilization.

[So unimpressed with everything Marvel on this station you don't even know.]

[video, locked against Chuck, sure]

You really expect them to have learned anything?

[optimism. you have it.]

If you're looking for an apology, that's a shitty way of asking for it.

That would imply such a thing would mean anything to me, wouldn't it?

Are you angry? You sound pretty angry.

How quaint, that you think this is anger. You musn't be overly familiar with the concept.

[anger is shooting out people's kneecaps, okay. THIS IS NOTHING. Comparatively.]

(Deleted comment)
Do you expect a gold star for being able to parrot the title back at me?

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Literal crucifixion?

[ Because that's totally the important part here. ]

It didn't quite verge into the realm of Biblical imagery, but I imagine it was close enough.

[video is the new default; encrypted 100%]

[He's been staying out of the trials and tribulations of the powers brigade, for the most part, mainly because their allegiances are contorted enough to make the Grid flowchart look like a peace treaty. Also because the spoon bender? Could erase him.

But this. This has the ring of...familiarity. Conflict with those closest to us. Promises to keep, and miles to go. Besides, he's one of Gem's.

If Clu could have given his former self one piece of advice, it would have been: ]

You know what they say, man. You want something done right...

[video is the new default; encrypted 100%]

Is that meant to be comforting.

[IRRITATION. But it's not exactly directed at Clu, it's more a general state of being as far as Pietro's concerned.

Mostly because. Program.

He's found them to be largely... tolerable so far.]

[Guess who sounds like he's been on the worst end of a week-old bender before getting run over by a mack truck.

Hulk does that to a person.


... Banner.

Your concern for these non-mutants is touching, but misplaced.

[Loki is not buying your anger for typical rage at substandard human actions. He's been watching you, and the fact that Mr. Steve Rogers himself intervened in their first happy discussion.

This? Sounds like jaded-lover syndrome to him.]

What do you want.

[total lack of inflection? total lack of inflection.]

[oh he's throwing a hissy fit. sigh. she's not in the mood for a pietro temper tantrum but she's not going to let this slide either.]

Do you know how operations work? I'm not going to apologise for leaving you out, and yes, I'm quite aware of your combat experience, but that's far from the single deciding factor. One of which you've noted here yourself.

[oh look, the last possible person he wanted to see. Also the number one suspect he wants to yell at.]

Would you want to know how long I've been participating in operations, Carter? I'm twenty-three, presently. I was fourteen when my mutation developed. By the time I was sixteen I was leading them. For a variation of the same man you just fought against. Furthermore, I was a member of the Ultimates for nearly three years. I am no. Rank. Amateur. And I've made it abundantly clear that I would lay my life down for that man you all allowed to walk into danger by himself. Surely you aren't so possessed of simian stupidity as to think my speed would have been a detriment?



[She worries. Forgive her. She considers you one of the things she concerns herself with, now. You won't be rid of her.]


[... he sounds... faintly surprised, all things considered.]

As it happens, yes.

All will recover in time, though the property damage is regrettably extensive.

You're concerned with property damage?

[you know thor, you weren't actually one of the primary targets of his anger. FUNNY HOW THINGS CHANGE...]

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