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welcome to the singularity ; sacrosanct secure network

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08 || [ Audio ]
Hat tug
rustigedraak wrote in singularity_rpg
Dropped the ball on gettin' together a Year's End party, yeah? Guess the whole "Christmas" baloney takes over even if you ain't celebratin' it.

M'gonna start workin' on an expansion for the Apple soon. Hope it'll make up for ballin' up Year End. Meanwhile. Found somethin' in the back of the place that I ain't familiar with.

Anyone know what a-- [ Hold on a moment, the illiterate mobster is attempting to read something outloud. ]-- car-a-oak machine is?

[ Private to Jin Tian ]

... Where are you?

[ Private to Toby Daye ]

Hey. Thanks for talkin' me down the other night. I owe you.

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[Jin honestly wasn't expecting Ladon to talk to him anytime soon.]

I'm...still in the desert, sir.

That, ah, thing you mentioned, that sounds like a karaoke machine.

[ Locking this. He doesn't need his nose broken twice okay ]

All right. Just... wanted t'make sure you're still alive.

[ Not that he cares or anything, s-stupid! ]

Yeah? What's it do?

Do you...need me for something, sir?

It...basically plays songs and lets you sing along to them.

I think you mean a karaoke machine.

And yeah, I do. You thinking of setting one up?

Maybe. First I gotta figure out what it does.

It's for playing prerecorded backtracks for songs that you're supposed to sing to.

I can show you how it works, if you have one.

voice; private (Buffy encryption - thank you, Buffy)

Nah, it wasn't a big thing. It's what friends do, right?

Anyway, I owed you for the thing before.

voice; private (Buffy encryption)

Yeah well. Can't say I deserved it... but still, thanks.

Don't jump when y'see me next, yeah? Got the bandage taken off my nose. M'pretty damn purple.

Not only do ya have a bar but, a karaoke machine too? I think I might have a new favorite person on the station.

[Finally, a chance for Joe to expose the station to good music. By singing while drunk. Best plan.]

[ Ladon is staying away from the video function for now, until his nose heals at least. ]

Yeah? You a fan of singin'?

Oh yeah. I think I can sing well enough and this place needs ta be introduced to some good music 'round here.

[A loud, irritating group activity? Flash is all over this.]

You've got a karaoke machine? Sweet find.

Think I could drop by and give it a spin, or is this one of those things I have to pay for?

[ No video feed from him, nope. ]

Yeah, sure. Once I got it set up, feel free. No charge, just like the rest of the bar.

You found a karaoke machine?!

S'what people're tellin' me this thing is, yeah.

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