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welcome to the singularity ; sacrosanct secure network

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015 // Video
Almost There
chozobloodrites wrote in singularity_rpg
[Samus addresses her comm standing in some sort of field, probably exploring the Zones yet again. Patrolling is what she seems to do the most. But for this instant she stops and accesses the network, intent on some sort of messate. She gives the camera a soft look, not too soft of course (she is still one badass bounty hunter that don't just smile for any reason), but softer than normal.]

I understand the calendar has reset itself and we are in a new standard year. I thought I would find a way out of this place months ago ... and still I'm here. Not that I've given up. But I've realized that I can-


Well, accept it. And that's due to many of you. And even this station sometimes.

[She pauses for a moment. This is normally where most people would say "thanks" or "you guys are awesome" or something. But not Samus, that shit just isn't in her vocabulary.]

That's all.

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[OOC: Is she in her Varia suit? IC: Listening to Samus, Scott gets this sinking feeling in his stomach. She sounds like she's been here for a long time, and he'd only barely gotten here. Was there really no hope for the people who arrive here? And what was worse, she even sounded..complacent.]

It's not really my business, but...how long have you been here?


[OOC: Yes! But helmet is off.]

Eleven standard months.

[See, Scott? Not a year!]

[Still a long time! You may or may not be able to see his little soldier heart crack into 20 pieces, but he's going to put on a straight face and assume there's always a way home.]

Sounds short...but I'll bet it felt like forever. What was it like, when you first got here?

[If she can see any sort of emotion she doesn't acknowledge it. Yeah, this shit's pretty heavy, she knows.]

Impossible. Frustrating. Claustrophobic. It doesn't go away, just tucks away in your brain.

[Oh look, at those things he has been feeling.] Gotta hand it to you...I'm...[small chuckle] Well, I'm a little envious. I hope maybe some day, if I never find a way home, that I can say the same thing you're saying now.

["Because" of the Sacrosanct folks, though? Probably not. Scott's like THESE PEOPLE ARE INSANE.]

Edited at 2012-01-04 09:08 pm (UTC)

You may not. Perhaps you will meet the right people, though. It all depends. Eleven months ago I did not think I would feel as ... all right as I do now.

["All right". Good choice of words. He's busy nodding, because he really will be taking Samus's advice to heart, when it occurs to him, another benevolent being and he hasn't introduced himself at all. Facepalm moment.]

Oh, right, hi, I'm Lt. Scott by the way. What's your name? [Looks at what else he can see of her Varia suit.] Are you another kind of Spartan?

Complacency's a potentially dangerous thing, but hey. Might as well make peace with the inevitable sometime, right?

I'm not complacent, not completely. Still trying. I will find a way out.

... But being all right with existing here helps.

Something like that.

Hey, even if you find a way out? Maybe you can find a way back and forth. You know, for visiting and shit.

Of course. I wouldn't leave this place for good. Not now.

As well, I would like to see your baby once it is born.

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