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welcome to the singularity ; sacrosanct secure network

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2nd Butterfly [Video/backdated a bit.]
shyflutter wrote in singularity_rpg
[And here is Fluttershy... garbed in an adorable light pink scarf.  She does enjoy winter, but... that's not why she's here.]

I've really been enjoying the weather lately... It's... it's nice. Angel really likes it, too.

[She pauses, then adds on. Clearly, there's something troubling her.]

U-Um. Also, has... has anyone seen Twilight around? It's... been a while and I've looked everywhere for her. I, um, figured that she was just busy in the library...

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[Twilight? Now that she mentions it, Sonic hasn't seen her around, either.

Frowning, he scratches his head, trying to think on this a bit.

Then he sighs.]

I haven't seen her in a while now.

Video :: Encrypted to This Pony

Can't say that I have. Did you check with the Spartans?

Who's Twilight?

[Violet is preeeeetty sure she'd have noticed someone named Twilight, but there are so many people... erm. Ponies? Here that...

Yeah. Wow. She's talking to a PONY. This is a combination of weird and EVERY GIRL'S SECRET DREAM.]

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