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001 [Video]
gotta_go_flash wrote in singularity_rpg
[‘Sup network? Have a closeup of a costumed face you haven’t seen before: it’s the Flash. Sacrosanct’s speedster count has just increased by one.

He has - and it might shock some of his acquaintances if they were here - figured out how to use the little band-shaped communicator around his wrist in record time, although it quickly becomes clear he hasn’t done a lot else with it. Like actually reading the network.]

Okay, somebody clear this up for me: am I being kidnapped, or not? ‘Cause if that’s the idea, it looks like someone forgot that step 2 on the way to profit is “remember to lock up the hero.”

[Flash waggles a hand in front of the feed - hello! Very much not handcuffed to anything! Restraining him is usually the first thing the bad guys do, so he’s a bit puzzled as to why he’s here or what’s expected of him. The last thing he remembers, he was watching the Ultra-Humanite reassemble a broken toy for some orphans, which was weird enough all by itself before it was interrupted by a sudden tumble through a bunch of scrap.]

You know, unless somebody just really wanted to show me their new clubhouse. But I was kind of in the middle of working a Christmas miracle for some kids who really deserve it, so would you mind putting me back? If you wait until the weekend, I promise we can totally hang out in your- [He glances around. Where is he?] … space. Junkyard. Thing. Yeah, whatever this place is.

-are there any fast food joints around here? I’m starving.

[The video blurs for a few seconds. It’s too quick for the human eye to follow, but he’s canvassing the Junkyard for a take-out restaurant. Sadly, at this time, there are no burger joints or hot dog carts to be found.]

I guess not. Anyway. If someone could just point me towards the Watchtower or Central City, that’d be great.

GL, Supes, J’onn? Princess? If any of you guys can hear me, I could use a pick up. And hey, if anyone sees Bats around, ask him if we can get some of these? [He taps a finger against the wearable, prompting a loud tok tok.] These things are way cooler than the communicators he got us.

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[Violet knows these kinds of blurs from when Dash the ANNOYING could first run - and there're plenty of Parr family videos that prove it.

Then, of course, there was Quicksilver's show-off blur.

Now, there is... this guy's. She's surrounded by speedsters, on and off Earth.

Home is where mach 3 is hit, amirite?]

Uh, it's not really Christmas anymore.

And... I don't think you really have a choice about leaving.

[Sinister villain lauding your helplessness as a prisoner? Or little girl trying to be helpful? YOU DECIDE.]

[A super villain, with a tiny little voice like that? No way, villains always sound growlier than that. Unless they're Joker. Then they just cackle nonstop.

Besides, this is Wally West. He never assumes the worst.]

One, well duh, but I'm pretty sure you mean 'not yet.' Christmas is tomorrow.

Two - actually I'm not following you on that one. Why can't I leave?

[Never heard of Babymind, the evil genius in diapers, have you?

But, hey, this place needs a good dose of optimism! Or a dose of it.]

No, I'm pretty sure it's over. It happened almost a week ago.

[Weird, huh? It was early fall when she left HER world. And, suddenly Christmas!]

There's some sorta thing keeping us here. No one knows a way around it.

[He's already got an evil gorilla on his hit list. Let's not add children just to make him feel guilty.]

I don't know about your planet, but on Earth we celebrate Christmas on the twenty-fifth, and today is - [Checking the calendar function on his wearable now and wow that isn't right at all.] ... huh. Okay, nevermind what I said about wanting one of these. This clock is way broken.

So, this evil thing keeping us here. Are we talking alien robots, supervillain, psychic gorillas...?

[You are a DC-hero, Wally. =/ Guilt complexes and trauma are inevitable.]

The thirty-first. Weird, huh? It was fall where I was.

[Wow, and here's someone else that understands the basic evil mastermind line-up. Her dad would LOVE IT here.]

I don't reallllly know, but it has something to do with a computer?

First I can't find the toy the kids want, then I run into the Ultra-Humanite - I so did not need a dose of time travel to make my day more exciting.

Evil robot it is. Any idea if smashing it means we get to go home?

[Good god he's starting to sound like Shayera. Note to self: spend time with women who aren't supers.]

[Violet shrugs, but her Edna-designed suit is so faaaaaaaabulous that it sounds like the whisper of a pixie rather than an actual noise.

What does this mean for the wearables?


I don't think that's possible. It's kinda the whole station.

Everyone's told me that we're stuck here and no one knows how, or how to get home.

[Yup. Talk about the harbinger of good news!]



What's an Ultra-Humanite?

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