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003|Audio| Post-Sugar-Comatose-Emergance
aroseinblue wrote in singularity_rpg
[After hiding in a candy store to avoid the horrors of the Christmas mistletoe and falling into a candy induced coma, Sera awakens!]

oh-god-oh-god whats-it?!  I mean, sorry-I-mean-I'm-just-omg.

[Her voice is very rushed and shaky]

I-mean-I...what day is it?


I-think-I-need-food.  I mean I...I need actual food.  Sorry.  



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Uhm, are you... okay?

I hope so?

I've kind of done this before just...not for so long. Lots of...too much...sugar. Still a bit shaky. Thanks for asking. I think...I think I am feeling slightly better...I'll just sit down here now, yes.

[Suddenly, not having sugar before bedtime makes a thousand times more sense to Violet.]

Do you need anything? Or... anything?

Just food and water, but I got someone coming over right now with that. Thanks for the offer though.

I'm not sure I'll be able to eat gummi bears ever again...

[The first bit is a relief, if more because she's not really sure how much help she would be. The second bit... well, that demands a bit more detail.]

How many did you have?

[There's a shuffle of plastic on linoleum.]

Oh dear...a lot. I ah...wow.

The floor is kind of covered in wrappers...

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