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[03: video / backdated to Christmas, mid-morning] 'tis the season for holiday rage
brbvirmire wrote in singularity_rpg
[Hypatia, you are the worst Santa ever.

Ashley is shaking a little with emotion, clutching a small box nearly hard enough to crush it as she scowls at the camera.

Other residents of Normandyhaus may have noticed her storm off to her room immediately after reading the note within the aforementioned box. She hasn't even opened her other gifts yet.]

I want to know where the hell that AI got this. Now.

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It's... a box?

[Confused Violet is confused. Boxes are usually a good thing on Christmas?]

I'm talking about what's in the box.

A... gift?

[Still lost here. Violet's also practising Social Skills 101 - but she's getting an A for awkward.]

Did you get socks or something?

[An "are you really that stupid" stare.]


[More like naive, really; socks are a good reason to rage in her books.]

Then what's so bad about it?

It's personal. That thing has no right to know.

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