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001 [video]
We're making progress!
personalbubble wrote in singularity_rpg
[That is one festively decorated residential district that you happen to be looking at, whoever you are.]

Oh, right! Oops.

[It's not obvious who said that, but the view shifts to the ground briefly and -- huh, that foot must have been there before. Maybe your wearable's glitching.

Then, with the shaking of an amateur camerperson, Violet Parr can be seen +1 headband and -1 mask. She looks pretty normal, actually. And nervous, but the way she sort of laughs to herself and rolls her eyes before she speaks.]

This place is waaaaaaaay too complicated for my dumb brother to come up with, so I guess it's really real or something, huh.

[Violet's looking around; oh to become invisible and not have to deal with this. Wry be adult? Wrrrrrrryyy?

Yes, she knows the wearable's still on. She's just a bit camera-and-people shy, but is giving this a shot.]

Aren't any of you guys, ah... worried about your families or anything?

[Pause. Huh, naw, she's not worried about anything like her little brother being missing or anything.

After that awkward break, she has a "sort-of" smile and the video cuts out. You can't see her now, but she's breathing a sigh of relief that that's over.]

(ooc: out watching Sherlock!)

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[video] || das placeholder

[... so. Someone who can turn invisible, and who is wearing what is quite obviously a superhero outfit?

And who's also a child.


Little late for Halloween, isn't it?

[he's giving you an out, tiny superchild. Take it.]

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[video] || das replyholder

[What is he talking abou-- oh. Yeah. The bright red costume kind of gives it away.

Violet is slow to activate her video response, and she's biting her lip when she does. What would Mom say? Aside from telling her to run away, because he might be a Bad Guy and Bad Guys aren't like the cartoons. They won't hesitate because she's a child.

But, she's not a child anymore! Still, the warning sits there in her thoughts, making her nervous.]

Oh, you mean this ol-- new thing. It's...

[Violet looks around. Hark! There are signs of Christmas in the decorations, so maybe.]

It's for my school's Christmas pageant?

[Yes, she did just cringe when she said that.]

Your mom or your dad, maybe? You know... family.

Depends on the person.

You here all by yourself, kiddo?

What do you mean?


['Stranger danger', meet 'need to know'. Violet has nothing but awkward silence for a moment.]

I think so? I don't really know.

[She's sitting behind her wearable, so you can't see anything of her except for a few wisps of white hair. The view is of some bunnies playing in a forest clearing though.]

Did you lose your family?

[The view is calming, but she's still a bundle of shyness and uncertainty when she responds.]

Aaaaah-ctually, I think it's more like they lost me.

[Family, huh? Sonic gives the camera a thoughtful look... and then he shrugs and shakes his head.]

This is pretty routine.

[Dimension hopping, that is.]

[Y'know, there are a lot of 'routine' things where Violet's from, but dimension hopping? No way. Leap tall buildings in a single bound? Sure thing! Bend and stretch like an elastic band? Her mom does it all the time. But she's pretty sure that dimension hopping's never been routine.]

Are you serious?

[aka - what kind of place are YOU from?]

Yes, I am rather concerned for my family. Friends too.

...There was rather a lot going on before I left...

I...really don't wanna think about it too much.

[She takes note of Violet's age]

How old are you exactly anyway?

[...that's not a reassuring reply. Violet opens her mouth a few times as though to speak, then shuts it.

And opens it.

Nope, shuts it.

Then, maybe finally:]

So they don't show up after you?

[A pause. Maybe Dash, annoying as he is, will get impatient and show up. He can't stand the idea of her being first anywhere. She'd take her stupid little brother if it meant the family was coming.]

I'm almost fourteen.

[Note: Violet's only actually thirteen, but every teenage tries to be older.

She says this in her Adult voice, meaning that she tries to sound sure of herself and even puffs up a bit in the video, like she really is okay with that.]

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[ Pinged because of Pietro's interest? Yep. Although it's hard for him to sound anything but indifferent. ]

If you are here on your own, child, ask for Xavier. He takes in strays.

[Is this familial rivalry? Violet would totally get that, but in reverse. As a sister, she's not supposed to care what her bratty little brother gets into, long as he stays out of trouble.

Meanwhile, she's prettttty sure it's not polite to call someone a stray, but it's totally not her place to correct anyone but Dash (ugh, brothers).]

Somebody else talked about him, but who is he? Is he in charge?

Worrying never does any good, action does. You need help finding anyone?

[That sounds like her dad's kind of logic - are you a Super?]

I don't suppose you've heard of a Mr. Incredible?

[Cringe. But, if he's in a strange place without family, she has a feeling that her dad might ditch the alter-ego for those good ol' days.]

Short answer? Yes.

[ there's no family to speak of in max's case, at least not in a traditional sense, but there are people she's worried about. she's especially worried that she might have gotten someone important to her killed. ]

What's the long answer?

[Violet sounds unsure, like she's not positive she should have asked, but knows its too late to take it back.]

[Look, a rather normal-seeming person!]

A little bit. Though, I'm a bit more worried about what they're doing to culture as we know it.

Especially my idiot brother.

That was an accident!

I'm worried about the people at home, yes. [Smiling at her in the most reassuring way possible.] The station sort of... decorated itself. I'm Steve.

Edited at 2011-12-19 04:34 am (UTC)

[See Violet. See Violet stare. Stare, Violet, stare.

It's not you, Steve - it's just... you.

Awkwardly, you are both a good looking guy and you look like a less beefy, more-evenly-haired version of her dad.


But, you have a nice, reassuring smile and she echoes it.]

Is there any way to contact them, or...?

[...does she have to wait and see.]

Waaait a second. It wasn't December back home. Is it actually Christmas here?


Which is why I am working to fix my current issue.

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