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What has science wrought?! | Video / Actionspam for Normandyhaus
Human mating practices: quite an eyeful
modelscientist wrote in singularity_rpg
[Mordin and Skyfire are standing in the hallway of the the Normandyhaus, both looking rather. . .sheepish is the best word for it, as a large stream of black ants moves past them into the kitchen. Mordin, despite his awkwardness, is busily taking notes. Just because the unexpected happens doesn't mean you stop the science!]

Curious, curious. Perhaps use of nanites was not appropriate course in attempting communication. Seems to have had side effect of significantly boosting ant intelligence. Further side effects; unclear.

[As he speaks, the ants continue their match past, carrying with various articles of food, boxed or otherwise. He peers around the doorway.]

Seem to be attempting to lift refrigeration unit. Fascinating.

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[ignores the line of ants because ooooh, nanites]

Did you build them yourself or are they available on the station? Did you use them only to augment specific portions of the insect brain or are the nanites hardwired throughout the ants' bodies?

Had to manufacture them myself. Mister Sagan very helpful in that regard.

Hardwired to the brain only.

Mister Sagan? Would you be able to obtain more?

I would not be averse to holding some experiments myself.

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