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baby/ oh well that's a neat story
notsoloyal wrote in singularity_rpg
[There's a little boy staring into the screen. A little boy with possibly the fluffiest, floppiest purple hair you've ever seen. He looks incredibly confused... or like he's going to cry. One or the other. When he finally speaks it's a series of inhuman sounds, almost mechanical and the clicking oddly sounds like there's an accent buried in there. It takes a few minutes, but eventually his wearable decides to translate what he's saying into text on the bottom of the screen.]

--ere am I? Although the more important question is what am I? Why am I squishy? This is terribly confusing, and I do not know what is going on. The last thing I recall is being on Cybertron with my teacher, studying the effects of a virus. And I most certainly was not what I am now. I feel so small. This is not normal.

[He shuffles uncomfortably.]

This had better not be some kind of experiment. I am one of Cybertron's next great minds, I am going to help the planet and our species evolve into something even greater.

[He shuffles more in place before finally looking at his stomach poking it.]

Is it supposed to hurt?

[His stomach growls and the little boy looks incredibly alarmed. WHAT IS GOING ON?!]

This is not normal... I would very much like to not be a part of this experiment please. I want my body back.

I want to go home.

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Hypatia is capable of this, as well, then? How unfortunate.


[He looks more confused than he started out as.]

Turning mechanical beings into fleshy children. I did not think it possible.

You know what happened?

I am uncertain, though I assume it is the transporters?

The transporters took me from Cybertron?

No. The rift ripping through this station did. But if the rift brought you here, it would have brought you robotic, not humanoid. Any change of that sort would be Hypatia's doing.

[she will eventually figure out this is Soundwave. REALLY]

I do not understand. How is this Hypatia capable of that?

That is data I do not currently possess.

How do I change back and return home?

Have you attempted using the teleporters? They are known to malfunction. [she's still bitter about being a pony okay?!]

I was told to stay right here.

As it was behind a rather good encryption, I do not believe it is my place to say.

You assume I could not break said encryption.

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