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[005.] 001. Hello, World.
creeping: way.too.close
a_perfect_end wrote in singularity_rpg
[He's familiar with portable functionality in a variety of shapes, so the wearable presents no challenge. The concept of filters, however...Yeah. Closed system, and he's got most of the rights to it. There's literally no reason whatsoever for those.

Not when he's trying to reach somebody.


Because these readings are--Okay, don't panic; you were designed to confront emergencies and come out with beautifully balanced, flawless...WHAT IS THAT LIGHT. And why didn't it black out the entire Grid instantaneously? Consumption curves like those shouldn't even be possible.

...A lot of this shouldn't be possible.

Conclusion: reached. Solution: formulated. Execute.]

Flynn, buddy. I know you like surprises! And well, the Swatch? The Swatch is cool. Uh.

If you could explain what's going on? That would be rad.

[Pause. Analyze and extrapolate.]

Tron? You read me? I'm hoping you or Shaddox know something about this. Get back to me soonest, okay? We're going Priority One on this...newest...thing.

We can fix it. Let's make it happen.

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Greetings! Program?

I am Clu. Who are you?

Huh? [Okay, so everyone can hear the Swatch. No big deal; nothing critical got out, and he can flag or lock further messages in the event of more sensitive discussion.]

Oh. Slight semantic error. This, apparently, is the User world, and not my home system. The permissions are probably different here. Thus, not so much with the fixing.

Ship, not Program.

I am the TARDIS. [and CLU sounds really familiar but pfft, not important]

You cannot recode this existence, Program. I am curious what you thought yourself capable of accomplishing, though.

[Ship? He can work with that. She does look like a pretty transport operator.]

Nice to meet you, TARDIS.

Wasn't planning on trying to. [Pause.] But, well, if this was the Grid...

First of all, I'd turn the lights back on. Nightside illumination, soft and brilliant silver, always. [He knows he's 'talking with his hands,' and it's obvious he thinks about this a lot, eyes bright.] Place could use some serious roads, too. The kind of straightaway that runs forever, falling endlessly into the gleaming horizon. Room to drive. Space to think.

And it needs an arcade, but that's not really my area.

But how about you? [Grinning.] Don't tell me classy lines like those are part of the cargo racket.

[What's a sweet thing like you doing in a place like this?]

[it isn't difficult to picture the scenario he paints. it's most certainly appealing to her on a mechanical and logical level, and when one is used to being infinite, having roads that stretch forever is desirable]

That would be an improvement over the human construction of this station, I admit.

[Clu you speak foreign :|] Classy lines? Cargo? I am a Time Travel Capsule. I am a scientific vessel.

It would be different, that's for sure. Seems to be a lot of wasted space on this map. Way too many buildings for the number of residents. [That's really odd, but.] Maybe they're just waiting for everyone to show.

Oh! Uh. [Well, hello there, foot; nice to taste you again.] It's just that you're. Really nicely contoured, is what I'm saying.

Time travel? Far out!

Y'know, I'm from the future, myself. Well. One of 'em, apparently.

Are you really. [Low whistle. Brains are sexy.] What branch? Quantum physics, by any chance?

[The most hopeful inference. Please crush him gently.]

Perhaps. [she doesn't think it's something so innocent, but she also doesn't really care]

I am? Are you fond of holograms, then?

[she doesn't know what 'far out' means in slang and gives him a look before glancing behind her for whatever it was he's mentioning. she only turns back when he mentions the future, intrigued]

And how do you know it is the future? Time is relative, after all.

Temporal. [tilts her head, considering] Theoretical, as well, I should suppose. But I also store geographical, anthropological, archaeological, linguistic and cultural data, amongst others.

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