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[1982] I can't wait for Game Boy
theuserabides wrote in singularity_rpg
[Sometimes you get zapped by a vengeful sentient computer program using your ex-girlfriend's digitizing laser, and sometimes you step out of the teleporter 30/1000 years younger.

Eh, stuff happens.

Once he realized this isn't the Grid, Flynn (1982 vintage, new in box) went looking for answers.

What he found was the Zone 06 arcade.

Answers can wait, man.

The video is a profile shot of a young Kevin Flynn, who strongly resembles a more rumpled Clu, the lights of a game cabinet reflecting off his face and that glorious 8-bit sound echoing around him.

Hey. There is this amazing arcade and no one in it. Why?

All of you get over here. I'll pay and I'll wipe the floor with you.

[He pauses for a moment. It's either a tricky patch or he's thinking. Possibly both.]

Tron, I don't suppose you're out there?

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[someone doesn't know about the arcade! or really ever played video games, anyway]

[Well hello, pretty lady. Flynn gives the TARDIS a 1000-watt smile.]

You know, video games. Have you ever been to an arcade?

[In 1982, going to the video arcade doesn't make you a massive dork.]

[his smile, it does nothing D:]

No, I have not.

[she knows what they are, but knowing and understanding are such vastly different things]

[Clearly it just takes time.]

You should try. It's loads of fun.

I suppose. What are the coordinates?

[With gestures much less certain than his older self's, Flynn manages to send a location ping.]

I think that's it.

[she runs the ping by a station map and nods. looks good! though his uncertainty is of note]

Will you be there long? Perhaps you can show me.

[Yessssss the Flynn charm is working.

Because TARDIS? That sounds like flirting to a human.

If I'm expecting company? I'll wait.

[she just wants to play ; ; double entendre for the win?]

Then I will be there shortly.

[and she's off to the arcade!]

[The Tron franchise slips more sex references than you'd expect through that PG rating.]

Looking forward to it.

[He pumps up the wattage on his smile one more time before cutting the connection and going back to his game until she gets there.]

[the TARDIS eventually wanders into the arcade after plopping her real self down outside and sending in her hologram. it's just so much easier that way. and oh hey, there's Flynn! what a delightful discovery!]

So this is your arcade?

[Flynn laughs in easy self-deprecation.]

I wish. Mine's not this nice.

[His credit balance is high enough that he could probably buy it, but he doesn't know to check that.]

Hi. I'm Kevin Flynn.

[He offers his hand to shake.]

[cue quiet, intense staring as she ignores his hand] You cannot be Kevin Flynn. I have met him; you are too young.

[All right, this is. Disconcerting. He lets his hand fall back to his side.]

There's been some kind of...problem with the teleporters, I'm told.

And this is the result? [don't mind her, she's just gonna start touching his face now because there's no such thing as personal space and wow, he's young]

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