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Evolution | To run or not to run
isoalgorithm wrote in singularity_rpg
[The view on the screen when the transmission starts up is a nice one. It shows a long stretch of Sacrosanct, disappearing off into the seemingly never-ending horizon. It appears that whoever's on the line is perched somewhere very, very high up.

At first, the only sound is the wind. Then comes a voice - a woman's voice, short, crisp, tightly controlled. She sounds like she's trying extremely hard to rein in her anger.]

You see that? Beautiful, isn't it?

So someone tell me. Why are we letting people- programs like him walk around unchecked? It's only a matter of time before he destroys this place too. Or tries to take over.

[A lift of her arm and Quorra finally comes into view, but she looks...different. There's a harder edge to her expression, her eyebrows are drawn into a sharp frown, and her circuitry glows a bright, steady neon blue instead of the usual white.]

I'm not going to just sit around and watch. Not again.

[Quorra becomes a sudden blur of movement as she turns to resume scaling the high-rise she was hanging off. There's still higher ground to be gained.]

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To whom do you refer when you say 'him?'

CLU. [She doesn't think she needs to say more than that, so she doesn't. There's a grunt as she flings herself at a wall, runs across it, and jumps up to catch a higher ledge, and keeps climbing. Maybe she's going to basejump onto CLU's head.]

I am unfamiliar with that designation.

Consider yourself lucky, then.

Who're you?

Luck is a pointless concept.

I am the TARDIS.

You can say that again.

What kind of program are you?

Luck is a pointless concept.

I am not a program. I am a ship.

... [Someone more literal than a Basic. Who knew?]

You're a little small to be a ship, aren't you?

[she can take it to extremes sometimes, yes]

This is not my real form.

How did you end up in it, then?

It is a hologram. My true self is elsewhere on the station.

Right... [Not dubious at all, nope.]

[her doubt, it is well-placed] You seem particularly averse to this man. Why?

He killed everyone I ever knew.

How did he accomplish that?

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