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thereforeiham wrote in singularity_rpg
A deviation! Yes, that was the word I was looking for. A deviation to the path I originally intended. Yes, me, I, this one, I am thinking of. The thing I wanted to do, and now, a deviation.

But, ah yes, I know, I am hardly the only one affected by such... deviations. Here we are, all of us, in our delightful little prison. New faces, new species -- all of you fresh and fascinating. Yet nothing fascinates me more than man.

So tell me a bit about yourselves, my fellow deviated inmates. Do you ache to go home? Or do you find yourself eating out of Hypatia's lovely hand? And who could blame you.

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If this is a deviation, what was your original plan?

To spend some quality time with five of my closest friends.

Shame that I'll have to scrap those plans. We were going to have one hell of a time.

This place does have the tendency to remove us from those with whom we want to be.

Not specifically. A proper role, however, yes.

What role would this have been?

Travelling through the universe.

Most fascinating. I'll admit, I've never been beyond Earth's moon. What is it like?

That would depend on the area of the universe for which you desire information.

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