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creepersphere wrote in singularity_rpg
[ Hey Sacrosanct, it's that time again--Prism is back to his usual perky, almost obnoxiously helpful tone. His post is primarily unfiltered, but pings have been sent out to any obvious AI/robots/programs* who have been on the network, regardless of whether or not he's actually talked to them or not. ]

I am well aware that there is a rather large population of synthetic intelligences occupying the station at this time, and the number appears to be growing slowly as more time passes. For those of you I have not greeted personally, I am 686 Ebullient Prism, Monitor of Line Installation 1-4.

I would like to know more about you. Who programmed or built you and for what purpose, where you come from, how you are adjusting to your current surroundings. If you are not comfortable sharing certain information I will not press for it, but any additional details you wish to offer would be most welcome.


[ Prism's voice abruptly changes tone and drops about forty degrees. ]

So. Tell me about Alex.

[[ *ooc; Prism pays a lot of attention to the network, but if your character has been awesome about hiding what they are then he obviously won't know. ]]

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[she is so going to be trolling this post for open comments on other 'synthetics' on the station]

You assume we were all designed and constructed.

I am afraid it is the only precedent I am familiar with.

What sort of inorganic entities have you encountered?

Prior to my arrival in Sacrosanct the only sentient, inorganic entities I had encountered were other Forerunner programs, and one UNSC AI.

These Forerunners created you, then, I suppose? They must have been a highly-developed species to create something as fascinating as yourself. What were they like?

[answer questions about herself, when there's questions to be asked? hardly]

They were a highly advanced, enlightened race, and the galaxy is a lesser place without them.

[ Which is all he really wants to say on the matter. ]

What about yourself? What are your origins?

[so they were Time Lords :3]

Yet you remain.

I was Loomed on the planet Gallifrey, but I have existed since the creation of time. [ie: origins are complicated]

[ Only better. ]

Their installations were built to last for all time. It would only make sense for the keepers of said installations to also last.

Tell me about being 'Loomed.'


What powers you, then? You are still a construct; most civilisations cannot determine an infinite power source.

It is the way I was brought into the universe from the Vortex. My biodata was incorporated into a physical body so that I could manifest at a specific point in time.

'Most civilizations' does not include the Forerunners in this case. Unfortunately I am afraid I am not at liberty to discuss my power sources.

How exciting! I have never heard of such a process before. Would you be willing to discuss it at greater length in person? I am afraid I cannot conduct direct interviews at this time, but once I am free again I would be very pleased to meet with you--if you are willing, of course.


That would be acceptable, supposing you are more willing to offer information about yourself.

I am afraid you do not have authorization to access information of that nature.

I would be happy to offer up details about myself, protocol permitting.

How would such authorization be obtained?

By contacting the facility director.

[ There's a tiny pause, barely noticeable by human standards but quite obvious to an AI. ]

Unfortunately she has been dead for several hundred thousand years. It would be impossible to obtain her permission.

[oh, she sensed that pause]

For you, perhaps. I have no such restriction.

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