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video; unfiltered for once.
nobleleader wrote in singularity_rpg
[ ... 8( he doesn't know how to take care of a pet, why do these things happen to him. The Spartan shows up on the screen with a faint frown on his face, and the junkyard become clear behind him, but instead of doing anything exciting he...sits.

And the camera pans to a small white object, which he doesn't pick up just yet. Faintly, there's a soft, "--
ifferent!" ]

This-- machine talks. I don't think it's an AI though. Not a UNSC-affiliated one, at least.

[ It's a turret, that much becomes clear, and when he picks it up a very clear "thank you." before he sighs, and puts it back down. ]

I don't think it has a device of any kind, it's far less complicated than that. Defective, if anything.

[ He just shakes his head; he's not going to just leave it, and Kat can take a look at it, at least. ]

...as far as everyone else; it seems things have been decently quiet lately, save for-- isolated incidents, but I feel it needs saying; if anyone needs assistance with anything, feel free to let any of us know.

[ ... now to take this thing home, sobbbbb. WHY DOES HE BRING HOME STRAYS 8( ]

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If it is defective, I could perhaps repair it for you.

[d'aaaaaaaaaw adorable turret d'aaaaaaaw]

I've got someone to check it over first, but if she's unsuccessful, I don't mind you taking a look at it. Though I would say leaving any weapons functions offline would be the best idea.

Who is looking it over? [she's trying to keep lists of the technologically savvy on the station]

More than.

[ faint pride in his voice c: ]

[skepticismmmmm] What sort of experience does she have with mechanical beings?

She's a crypto-analyst but she....takes interest in other departments, like mechanical beings.

I should speak with her more, then. Ascertain her skill level.

I do not believe she'd object.

Then I will be certain to do so.

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