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dx1118c wrote in singularity_rpg
[it's voice, it probably always will be voice, and he doesn't sound pleased.

it didn't take him too long to figure out the bracelet, even if he had never seen technology quite this advanced. and he's not entirely comfortable with it attached to his wrist, but he'll deal.]

How many people are here currently?

[it's a very important question to him, k. and no, he's not the most talkative usually, plus he doesn't realize quite yet he probably could have specified humans, but it's for the best-- it'd be too suspicious like that most likely. this is innocent enough.]

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Approximately eighty.


Not a lot for such a place.

Probably for the same reason you know in the first place.

I know because I obtained the data from files in Hypatia's system. You know for different reasons.

We're talking about the why here, not about the how.

You assume I attained those files for the same reasons you request the information. I assume you are attempting to learn about the environment in which you have found yourself; I doubt you seek it for academic purposes.

Your assumption is correct. [and he knows now his wasn't, but doesn't care to say it.]

[she's very obvious]

Have you any ability to access the data from the station?

Unless you can do it with this bracelet, no.

There are methods for those technologically inclined.

[which she's just gonna go ahead and assume Alex isn't]

I have a feeling your definition of technologically inclined differs from mine greatly.

Then define yours and we shall see.

[vaguely miffed.] How about you go first? I'm rather tired of having to explain myself.

I am not the one at a technological disadvantage. I fail to see why I should have to explain myself.

I don't have the time to care about what you fail to see, if you aren't going to make yourself useful then stop wasting my time.

You have all the time afforded you. You cannot leave, after all.

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