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ooc/ triple changers waffles and tea
notsoloyal wrote in singularity_rpg
[An unusual sight - a partially excited Shockwave. Even more odd is the large mechanical tentacle-worm thing wrapped around him. It's about the size of an incredibly large snake that you'd see in a horror movie, and it seems to be making little mechanical clicking and screeching sounds. This only makes Shockwave look even more pleased and excited.]

It is a creature from Cybertron! Not from my universe - the design is all wrong for that - but certainly a Cybertron. [He pets the creature clicking back at it in a very alien language.] Absolutely magnificent.

But to the point of this. Has anyone created a list of items and creatures from our worlds that have come through the rift? More importantly how often they appear?
There must be a way to determine how many universes it randomizes through before returning to one already represented here...

If not I would like to attempt a list. So any and all information would be appreciat--

[The creature takes this moment to send one of its saw tipped tentacles out of screen which is met with a strange sound. Well. That squirrel lead a good life. It retracts the now bloodied appendage and Shockwave just stares.]


Frag. That... is adorable.

[Sorry was he saying something? He forgot.]

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What an amazing creature.

Yes, it certainly is something special. I had hardly expected something like it to show up here.

What manner of entity is it? You mentioned Cybertron?

It is from the planet Cybertron. A creature called a Driller.

Cybertron. Is that from where you hail?

Are you also inorganic as the Driller?

Normally I am. However this body I am currently in is human.

How terrible for you. Is it painful to be trapped in flesh?

Painful? It is not the most favorable thing, however I cannot say it is painful.

For how long have you been forced into an organic body?

How have you not gone mad?

I was distracted from that fact. And I do like tea.

Distracted how? And is tea good? My Doctor enjoys it as well.

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