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The morality of ants; video
Hold that thought, I'll be in my bunk
modelscientist wrote in singularity_rpg
[It's everyone's favorite scientist, Mordin Solus! He's bent over a lab table, studying what appears to be a cobbled together ant-farm, along with some of those same insects, apparently liberated from one of the garden zones. He smiles, watching the little creatures hurry hither and yon on their errands.]

Insect life always fascinating; simple black garden ant; Lasius niger, but relaxing to have 'pets' from time to time.

Sometimes, wonder how ants perceive the world. Do they encode morality, life, law, death? Are larger beings beyond them deified?

Of course, more philosophic than scientific, moving into realm of speculation. Haven't developed a way of telling for sure.

[A pause.]

Hm. New project.

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I have always preferred plants to insects, though I suppose ants would be interesting to study.

All life is interesting to study.

Most lifeforms do not interest me beyond recording data.

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