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{005; Video + Text} Frontier Justice! NOW WITH MORE DISMEMBERMENT!
[A] You guys are fuckin' idiots
has_a_hardline wrote in singularity_rpg
[So let's set the scene, shall we? A bench, plus Tucker, plus Washington, plus Meta. Well, Meta isn't looking very good, actually she's pretty much unconscious and the only thing you can really see is some armor that looks like it might be Meta's, but there's really no one else's it could be. Also, Tucker is holding a very dismembered but still very armored leg that very obviously belongs to the Meta.

Wait. What?

She actually looks a bit worse for wear, and so does Wash, but he still has his helmet on and is kind of staring off into space like he isn't all there. Tucker has hers off, however, and is pretty splattered with blood but still looking like the cat that got the canary. Or the sim soldier that got the Freelancer's leg.]

So yeah. Still invincible. Still awesome. Still the fucking Loch Ness Monster of ass kicking. Still handin' down beat downs like they're goin' outta style.

Meta's... guess you'd call it neutralized. I'm out. [Then the feed clicks out.]

Theres something wrong with wash. He fucking crammed epsilon back in and now hes fucking spaced out and shit. Get the fuck over here. [And there's also a location ping. Looks like they're somewhere near a hospital.]

{{OOC: Backdated to after this.}}

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[well this is different]

Was there a need for this?

Yes like you dont even know lady

Basically she was being a huge bitch and trying to take all the fucking ai because she has some kind of ai psycho thing going on and i was like FUCK NO BITCH and then me and wash kicked her ass and I blew off her leg.

It was awesome.

[she's ignoring everything that isn't 'AI' in that tirade]

She collects AI? Like Delta?


Because shes fucking crazy.

I fail to see the correlation between an interest in artificial intelligence and madness.

Thats because youre not from where im from.

Because its kinda commonplace there.

Edited at 2011-07-14 05:52 pm (UTC)

What causes it to be so?

Man its a long story.
And i dont know half of it.
And i dont think im allowed to tell people.

Tell me anyway.



this location isnt secure enough?


Then a suitable one is easily arranged.


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