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Thon 'Talamee | 002 | [VIDEO]
There is nothing left to do...
shipboss wrote in singularity_rpg
[Oh sup guys look who's finally showing his face on the network again. When the feed snaps on, Thon looks... well, not much different from normal, but there's definitely less of an edge to him. He seems less tense and angry than normal--weary, almost.]

When I first arrived I heard that there was a child of my race living at this station.

If I may please be permitted to see him. Ever since the loss of my holy Leader, I... I just want to see the face of one of my kin again.

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You are lonely?

I am trapped here, on a station populated by a race I have warred with for such a long time, separated from any of my kind--what do you think?

[shrugs] I have never cared for humans, but I am trapped amongst them as well, without my pilot or any of my kin. I suppose it would be the same.

Then why ask me inane questions?

I find the concept of loneliness intriguing. I have only just learned what it truly feels like, myself. I am ... uncertain how to approach it.

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