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Just a moment
myeffectsplease wrote in singularity_rpg
[Jack comes onscreen looking very haggard and annoyed. His supply of rum is long gone, and he's looking the worse for it.]

Oy! Fishman! Little...voice in my head.

[He holds up a hand next to his ear and wiggles his fingers, as if the motion will in any way help Rinzler realize that he's the one being referred to.]

I've found the bar, aye? Found an abundance of them, in fact. And got an excellent grasp on these...telepopper things. Very useful indeed. I can think of any number of situations in which they would have been quite useful...

[But he's drifting from the point. He leans in towards the camera, eyes narrowed.]

But the problem seems to be that none of the fine...gents in any of said taverns will deign to serve me. Now understand, I've got no problem with the lot of them being clockwork men. No problem at all. Never let it be said that Jack Sparrow is a bigot.

What I do take exception to is their singleminded insistence on me paying with these...credit things upfront. In fact if I may say so, the whole arrangement seems quite counter to the whole idea of what credit is meant to be.

Does no one take gold any longer?

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I have never understood the requirement for these credits, either. My Doctor always just took what he required.

[Oh! It's another ghost woman. And after what Shepard had told him about the other one, Jack's going to watch his step around this one.

He jumps back, startled, when she appears, but composes himself quickly, offering his most beguiling smile.]

...Your doctor?

[just wait til you see what she really looks like, Jack]

My pilot, yes.

whoops that should've been video

A doctor and a pilot?

Sounds like quite an accomplished young man.

He is quite accomplished, yes, though I would not call him young.


You prefer your men with a bit of experience then, eh?

I do not understand. I prefer my Doctor; I do not require another pilot.

Far be it from me to suggest otherwise, my dear.

What do you require?

[This one's a little strange, but that's all right. So is Jack.]

I require my freedom; I require flight and the expanse of stars.

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[Ah. Jack's expression of slightly detached amusement disappears, to be replaced by something much more serious. Flight and the stars may be beyond him, but if there's one thing he understands, it's the necessity of freedom.]


And there's no chance of you finding it here.

[It's not quite a question; the one thing everyone in this place seems to be firm on is that they're all quite trapped.

And besides, if she really required it, there must be some reason she hasn't sought it out by now.]

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True freedom? No. I cannot fly properly, nor can I access the Vortex. I have no pilot; I have no purpose.

Then what do you do with yourself?

[He's genuinely curious.]

Explore. Gather data on those who reside here.

It's as good a hobby as any, I suppose.

[He grins and leans closer, as if sharing a secret.]

Find out anything interesting?

Can you think of better?

The shuttle bay, I suppose. And there are a handful of interesting species I have yet to encounter elsewhere.

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