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3* [Video]
[firebender] finger closeup
survivethesiren wrote in singularity_rpg
[Gem isn't one for really showing off, much. But she's been taking Azula's words to heart, as it were--and been practicing a great deal with her firebending.

Having true power--something that could be used, exploited, played with--is unknown to her. She knows it can't last, so she is going to make the most of it.

The feed comes on, revealing Gem's face. There is an eagerness in her eyes, an actual smile on her lips.]

I've figured it out, finally. It took me nearly a week...but I can control it. Watch.

[Her hand reaches down to adjust the feed, so it's facing outward. Her finger flares to life--not with the normal de-rezzing light this time, but with flames. The flames grow larger until she's holding a ball of it in her hand.

Flicking her wrist it flies out before her--and swirls and curls as she commands it, her finger guiding the movements as more flames are added to it.

She does this for a few more moments, before she lets the entire flame go out in a puff of smoke.]

I'm going to miss this, when it ends.

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Is that meant to impress?

I wasn't trying to impress.

Oh look, you are a small little pony.

Who are you to determine size? You are naught but a program.

You remain meaningless all the same.

Then why do you keep talking to me?

What I do is of no concern to you.

[don't ask her silly questions!!!]

It is when you're attempting to speak to me, little pony.

I am not little.

[be right back, looking for you now]

Yes you are. Smaller than most of the ponies I have seen, too.

[her response takes a while since she's busy hunting you down, Gem

but oh hey, hi! there you are! she'll answer once she's done trying to trample you]

[Gem just looks down]

What are you doing.

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