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Open then filtered.
☁ idk more looking icons
nobleleader wrote in singularity_rpg
[ Open stuff, for once, herpderp, rather than filters errywhur. ]

Considering the state of events currently with the teleporters, I believe it goes unsaid that there is potential danger in them. If there is anyone here who finds themselves lacking a form similar to one they had, or who needs assistance, feel free to contact myself or any other members of the UNSC and we'll see what can be done.

[ Filtered to all UNSC ]

Considering it's difficult to tell friendly from not, no action against anyone will be taken without notifying myself or Noble Two. We don't want unintentional friendly fire.

Any questions can be directed at myself or Noble Two. If anyone needs any assistance, let me know.

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And how do you propose to assist?

UNSC? [that sounds familiar]

[ ... well, he has thumbs. ]

In whatever way I can.

--It stands for United Nations Space Command.

[don't lord your thumbs over her, mister!]

That is not specific.

Soldiers, then.

Does it need to be?


[her expression suggests she thinks he's an idiot]

Of course it does.

Like Texas?

...The Freelancer?

Is there another Texas to whom I would refer?

Not that I am aware of.

As far as she goes, though, we aren't exactly the same, but we're both soldiers and from the same universe, presumably.

What are you, then?

Soldiers, just with different ranks and answering to a different commander than Agent Texas.

Are there many of you on the station?

[someone's going into data retrieval mode]

Our numbers fluctuate, depending, but we have around ten right now.

And they are all like you?

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