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H ; I might feel better
creepersphere wrote in singularity_rpg
[ Prism's voice is back to its usual saccharine, over-helpful tone, although for once it sounds almost genuine. ]

Oh my, what an unusual turn of events. I can only wonder at what permanent damage has been done to the genetic codes of those affected. I wonder if it is reversible? I would love to get my hands [ and they are still hands, dammit--but at least he's not alone in his suffering now ] on a few samples to see...

How are you all faring? It would be terrible if some of you were unable to adjust to your new forms and accidentally terminated yourself or your companions.

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[one large pony eye is staring into the wearable that is currently lying on the ground in front of a not-so-much-a-spaceship-anymore TARDIS

and she is not happy]

You take pleasure in what has occurred?

Hardly. However, I do find it very interesting.

It is fascinating when it happens to others, I agree.

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