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003: [video] Working Hard
supernova1006 wrote in singularity_rpg
[There's an orange-haired bescarfed kid on the network again. Only this time he looks kind of worse for the wear, like he's been awake for days.]

So, hi Sacrosanct, it's Jin Tian again. So, I guess something got into the water for awhile there, huh? Heh...yeah.

[Yeah, he's just not even going to talk about what he was hallucinating during that time.]

Anyway, uh, so this post is basically to--ask for help. Um, a couple of you know that I've been working on this sort of...ridiculous scanner-analyzing machine thing so that basically I can study the rift more. Basically I'm trying to study it so I can figure out if I can maybe like--reverse it? I want to try and stabilize it and use it to get us all home. And I think--I mean, actually I'm pretty positive that I can do it, but it's gonna take awhile, so...

[He trails of and yawns.]

...So basically I need help. I mean...well, I don't mind having to wait a few years or something to get the rift working, but I know lots of people here would rather get home sooner rather than later. So...so basically I'd like to sort of form a team? Of like. People to help me build this scanner thing and help study the rift and take readings and just generally work toward getting home. Cause the more people working on it the faster we can all get home. And like, I'm half done with this scanner, but I'm missing a lot of parts and stuff.

So, um. Yeah. If you want to like help me with any of this that'd be really cool and awesome. I've got a couple of people helping me already but, you know, the more the merrier and all that. But, you know, if no one's available or if the majority of people are okay with staying here or anything like that, then, you know, no pressure or anything. But yeah if... [Another yawn.] If anyone wants to help with any of that, just let me know. Thanks!

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How much have you completed?

Oh, hi again. You mean with the scanner? Um, I've completed the circuitry and I've got the motherboard about like 3/4ths built, I've got a light sensor and a really powerful microphone all done, and I did kind of this crappy geiger counter attachment, but I still really need time and gravity sensory things, an outer casing that won't get fried in all the radiation in the junkyard, a spectrometer, and I need to figure out how to connect it all to my wearable so that I can get a life feed of the info straight to that. So, yeah. Still a lot to do.

Those are simple enough to produce, though I am uncertain how much we have in terms of equipment and materials.

With what are you working and where?

Yeah, the problem is finding good equipment and parts and such. I was actually thinking of building the casing out of whatever the station is made out of, but I mean, it's a matter of finding pieces of it and such.

I'm basically just...[yawn]...working with any parts I find in the junkyard or can buy from parts people. Right now I'm building it in the place I'm staying. Just this like, empty house in Zone 1.

I might have some supplies with which we can work. As for the station's material, I see no reason we cannot simply remove panelling from the walls to provide our resource.

[she ignores the yawn] I will assist if you desire it.

Anything you can provide will be super helpful! And yeah, I was thinking that about taking off paneling, but I don't really want to harm the station or, uh. Upset Hypatia.

Hypatia does not concern me.

Well, I just worry about her switching off life support cause she's angry or something.

Again, that is not my concern.

But you'll...oh right. Ship.

You mean you don't care about the people here?

W-Well, it's...I guess it's just something most people...feel...

I am not most people.

[She's a ship so he tries to think about how a ship would deal with this.] Well, think of it this way. Even though everyone here is different and I guess some people are kind of in conflicts and stuff, isn't it most logical that if we all work together, we can go home? So...so in that case, even if one person is hurt or...or dead, it means, uh...it means productivity falls! I mean, since it sure seems like no single one of us has figured out how to get home yet. So, it's better to have more people thinking about it and working on it. Yeah!


[...curse his logic]

Assuming the majority of you are worthwhile, then yes, it would behoove us to work together. I doubt most on this station warrant that sort of consideration; however, the few who do would require a continuous livable atmosphere.

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