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hisoldgirl wrote in singularity_rpg
[hello, Singlings! guess who's judging you all right now

why yes. yes that would be the TARDIS shut up I'm on a new episode high]

And this is why I always discouraged him from bringing your kind along. You act so strangely.

I trust this will end shortly.

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Why would anyone listen to you?

Because I am intelligent.

That remains to be seen.

Compared to you? Hardly.

You really are amusing.

And you foolish.

Do not blame them. It is not their fault, in this instance.

Then who is at fault?

It appears to have been an accident.

Accidents are caused by foolishness.

I am sure the offending party will take extra care in the future, after this.

Do not worry, everything should be over within 24 hours.

For once, it's not a problem they've created themselves.

[Niggling curiosity.]


So I have been told.

My pilot.

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