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[video] what could possibly go wrong
wilywilyways wrote in singularity_rpg
[Greetings, citizens of Sacrosanct. Hawke has a very important announcement to make.

'Important' is relative, however, considering that before the tainted water supply did its magic she'd already been drunk off her sweet perky Champion's ass. She is not in an optimum decision-making place, to say the least.

But without anyone to tell her no she thinks it's a great idea to broadcast her tomfoolery in the middle of the street, grinning face shoved up close to the display.]

Guess. . . guess what. No, really, guess.

HA! Too slow!

I just realized I can fly. Honestly fly. It's stupidly simple. Observe.

[Gravity is supposed to bend to her will, right? Hawke has never tried to use it on herself, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

Or not. Her first attempt at flying starts with some lifting, but then her borked concentration wreaks havoc and Hawke is slammed facefirst into the ground.

Aaand the feed cuts off.]

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'Flight' would seem entirely subjective at this point.

[condescending sniff]

That how it is?

Well, I-- I think you're subjective to my reality.

[disdainful harrumph]

That does not make sense.

Your subjectivity doesn't make any sense.

It just. . . doesn't! Flying is flying. How long the flying lasts is irrelevant.

So, so there.

You are correct.

However, you did not fly. Therefore, your argument is moot.

Floating is more than most can manage. 'Tis an accomplishment, damn you.

I will acknowledge your accomplishment when you accomplish something of note.

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