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welcome to the singularity ; sacrosanct secure network

[ voice ]
12 nobody can tear you
no1canbreakyou wrote in singularity_rpg
[ It wasn't a problem for Shadow when it came to using technology; it was one of the many things he was well versed in. This bracelet he found himself given was no exception... The interface was simple enough to use. However, there were more pressing matters at hand than exploring this technology. He began to speak calmly, though there was a bit of an urgent tone in his voice. ]

I require all information on this place and how to leave from it. I've no time to play around here, there's something important I must do and I can't waste another second. If there are intelligent life forms here, you'd do well to give me all the information you have.

[ A pause. ]

If you help me, I'm sure that I can be of use to you in return. [ Might as well create a deal... It worked on the Doctor and that Spy after all. ]

you'll see what vengeance means
mybrotherfought wrote in singularity_rpg
[oh hey it's megaman]

[oh hey he looks both really angry and confused]

Okay, look. No matter what this woman...

[He holds up a holo picture of Vonnie Awning]

... says to you?




her boyfriend.

I don't even know her. I'm not obligated to do any boyfriendy things and I'm not interested in being ANYBODY'S boyfriend, thanks.


That's all.

Private//encrypted 50% to ForteCollapse )

Form 2M [ Video ☐ | Audio ☐ | Text ☑ | Other ☐ ]
fistbump2verify wrote in singularity_rpg
[There's a single link to this.]

Yes, he is. He signed the paperwork himself.

[And below this is a copy of the paperwork. And yep - that sure is Megaman's signature.]