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welcome to the singularity ; sacrosanct secure network

015 // Video
Almost There
chozobloodrites wrote in singularity_rpg
[Samus addresses her comm standing in some sort of field, probably exploring the Zones yet again. Patrolling is what she seems to do the most. But for this instant she stops and accesses the network, intent on some sort of messate. She gives the camera a soft look, not too soft of course (she is still one badass bounty hunter that don't just smile for any reason), but softer than normal.]

I understand the calendar has reset itself and we are in a new standard year. I thought I would find a way out of this place months ago ... and still I'm here. Not that I've given up. But I've realized that I can-


Well, accept it. And that's due to many of you. And even this station sometimes.

[She pauses for a moment. This is normally where most people would say "thanks" or "you guys are awesome" or something. But not Samus, that shit just isn't in her vocabulary.]

That's all.

have it your way
checkthetapes wrote in singularity_rpg
[flagged to the AVENGERS || locked against CHARLES XAVIER]

Oh, bravo to those of you who participated in that little skirmish against Magneto last week. And congratulations especially on failing to contact the one person on Sacrosanct that has actual experience fighting the man. Do I have you to thank for that oversight, Agent Carter? You, Barton?

Next time my father crucifies one of you pathetic little flatscans to make a point, be aware you're on your own.

[locked to the SCARLET WITCH || 100%]

Sister, we've spent quite enough time in the company of humans. I believe a relocation is in order.

[locked to MAGNETO || 100%]

You have more than a little explaining to do.

08 || [ Audio ]
Hat tug
rustigedraak wrote in singularity_rpg
Dropped the ball on gettin' together a Year's End party, yeah? Guess the whole "Christmas" baloney takes over even if you ain't celebratin' it.

M'gonna start workin' on an expansion for the Apple soon. Hope it'll make up for ballin' up Year End. Meanwhile. Found somethin' in the back of the place that I ain't familiar with.

Anyone know what a-- [ Hold on a moment, the illiterate mobster is attempting to read something outloud. ]-- car-a-oak machine is?

[ Private to Jin Tian ]Collapse )

[ Private to Toby Daye ]Collapse )