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[Video] When it rains it pours
Human - It's really my fault
notyourchauffer wrote in singularity_rpg
[Skyfire fidgets nervously on screen.]

Hello again.

Uh. Just wanted to let people know that I have an. Abundance of baked goods right now.

A surplus, if you will. My restlessness sort of got the best of me, here.

But yes it's...

It's here. If anyone likes cakes, cookies or similar things. It's uh. Free?

[He moves to show just how many pastries and baked deliciousness he's managed to make. They cover the counter and table of his apartment.]

I'll transmit my coordinates after this post. I can't really eat this on my own, and it'd be a shame to let it go to waste. So if anyone just wants to pick something up and take it home, you're quite welcome to.

That's all.

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[she's never had cookies or pastries before (obviously) but she would like to study these. for science. assuming holograms can even eat] I will come by.

Wonderful! I still have plenty left!

And these are sustenance?

Are they compatible with inorganic energy modules?

It depends on what manner. It is organic food, however there are many inorganic life forms that can consume it.

Or so I've heard.

I have never attempted organic consumption. I wonder if I am capable.

Oh? What species are you, if I may ask?

Time Travel Capsule. I am called the TARDIS.

Time travel? A sentient time trave- oh that is fascinating.

Well if you can't process organic food, I could maybe look into some kind of matter you could.

We are uncommon in your universe, I assume.

I generally have no need of sustenance, as I am connected with the Eye of Harmony. I am uncertain if that connection remains in this place, however, so having an alternate form of energy from which to siphon is a logical goal.

Most assuredly not. If you wouldn't mind, sometime I'd love to hear about the details of your travels. What form you took before.

Well, no better thing to try out than cakes... if it doesn't work out, I can look into other alternatives.

I can provide such details.

Then I will be to your coordinates shortly.

I look forward to meeting you.

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