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popcorngifs wrote in singularity_rpg
[ Here are some lines of Unix. You've probably never heard of it, more underground than the random lines of code you see in mainstream Hollywood. how does computer ]

[ After that impressive but ultimately unnecessary display of Unix, there’s momentary radio silence before whatever was trying to get into the system activates the audio function. That it was by accident is heavily implied with the would-be hacker coming in clear but mid-sentence, with the impression an outward thought was being recorded instead of an address to the network. ]

--gotten so far as a fully interactive, holographic display and it’s still giving me the run around, isn’t that something?

[ The voice on the other end sounds tired, but warm, an amused chuckle rumbling just under the surface of his voice. A brief moment later, does it register that they’re being recorded. ]

“Follow prompts to save recording?” -oh, look at that, it really does have audio.

Greetings, Programs!

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[Unix. how quaint. the TARDIS hasn't seen that sort of programming in some time. not that it's important; what he says afterwards is. Greetings, programs. he speaks like Kevin Flynn and the others from the Grid. as such, she's interested]

Are you also one of Kevin Flynn's?

[...that's a possesive way of putting it. ]

I beg your pardon, one of Flynn's what?

[she's a terribly possessive-minded creature]

Creations. Programs.

Oh- oh, I see what you were getting at. [ That gets a chuckle out of him ]

No, as much as I'm sure he'd like to tell you otherwise, I'm not a program.

[she thinks about this a moment before adding cautiously] A friend?

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