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001 || AUDIO
please?, Pick me up
catchthebrit wrote in singularity_rpg
[Gravity. There was gravity.  So much time spent floating around aimlessly, having nothing to do but count the particles flying past and listen to the endless rambling of that space obsessed sphere.
Finally he was somewhere. He didn't know where he was, but at least he was somewhere.

And what was this new function that had appeared in his interface. Every fiber in his being was telling him to activate it.  Obviously he does so.  Wheatley curiously sends out an audio message across the network.]


[his voice gets more excited]

Is anyone there? Fantastic place you got here, whoever I'm talking to. I just uh, ah, er. Just wanted to tell you that I'm here, on the floor. Completely unattached and disoriented and disconnected from any sort of locomotion.  Yup, just sittin' 'ere. On the floor.  ... Waiting... Waiting.
Could... could someone come over here and pick me up?

I haven't the slightest idea where I am, but there's, huh. Hm. A floor. That... that should be a good enough starting point.

[ooc: cut spoilers]


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This station is vast; your location will be impossible to pinpoint without more specific coordinates.


And no, he's not going to even pretend to send coordinates again!
He's done making a fool of himself! ]

No, no... I... I think someone is helping me as we speak!


d'aaaaaaw socute]

Understood. You say you are unattached and disconnected; what are you that you are without locomotion?

Only the finest piece of machinery - if I do say so myself. Yup, hand crafted by some of the top human minds, designed for fantastic and brilliant purposes.

It's nothing, really.

Those purposes being?

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