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001 || video || action for those in spartan haus?
givesbackbombs wrote in singularity_rpg
[PERSONAL ENCRYPTION || Lavernia Tucker || 100%]

We need to talk.

[No particular embellishment to that statement, wat am normal human woman with elite babby????]

[UNSC ENCRYPTION || Noble One || 100%]

The Arbiter's no longer on station. Situational update forthcoming.

[COVENANT ENCRYPTION || Shipmaster Thon 'Talamee || 100%]

Shipmaster. Got a minute?


I need information on artificial intelligence units.

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[pinged by artificial intelligence, but she's wary]


['Because my favouritest AI in the whole wide universe is probably going to go crazy in my head sometime in the next year' isn't exactly a viable answer.]

Call me curious.

[she can't really speak for AI per se but it's obviously close to her situation]

About what aspect?

[Here, he has two choices. Lock down the conversation and get the attention of Noble Team's intelligence officer, who he doubts will have any qualms about invading - trying to invade - his privacy, or play it casual at the potential expense of accurate information. If Noble became aware of Cortana's predicament, it's not unlikely they'd try to shut her down. Of course, they'd have to go through him first, unless he agreed with their assessment, but the problem still stood.]


[D-dodging the question with all the conversational finesse of a half tonne armoured supersoldier, yeahhhhh.]

[to be fair, Chief didn't get to where he is by being subtle]

Artificial intelligence differ distinctly based on origin of species, but all display characteristics of cognitive adaptation. Some also have rudimentary emotional controls. [what is tech jargin]

[If only 'subtle' meant 'punching things in half'...]

And the station AI, Hypatia?

[he could always go back in time and punch the creator of the word subtle to make him change it]

I do not have sufficient data to characterise her, but it is logical she would at least display a high level of intelligence and cognitive ability.

[That can be arranged.]


[... there's a slight pause, and then,]


[that should not have made me laugh but oh, how it did]

I provided little of value. With a more focused request, perhaps I could answer in a more satisfactory way.

You answered.

[Said as if that's reason enough for thanks. To the latter statement, however, there's a notable pause. Put him in on a battlefield and give him a gun, the Chief wouldn't know the meaning of the word 'hesitation' if it jumped up and stuck him with a plasma grenade. Normal civvie interaction? Another thing entirely.]

What's your experience with them?

[... since you seem pretty knowledgeable and all.]

[to be fair, though, she isn't really a civvie. he just doesn't know that]

With artificial intelligences? Varied and numerous. There are some here I have encountered, but my universe also has alien lifeforms that utlise artificial intelligences to power their ships or run laboratories. Even planets. Most here cannot seem to differentiate between that which is created and that which is sentient, however.


You believe it's possible for an AI to be independently sentient?

I do, given a high enough level of cognitive awareness. Having some organic component would also be beneficial.

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