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☢ a simple question of weight ratios
aderpable wrote in singularity_rpg
[ The fact that he's on a space station has not escaped him. And he's. Well, okay. It's practically a dream come true if you ignore all the implications, which he'd love to do, trust him, but there's really nothing about this that's particularly relaxing. His lifelong mission to get kidnapped by aliens? Sounded cooler when he wasn't... actually... kidnapped. In fact, this is exactly like something out of one of those science fiction films that usually end in bloodshed and disaster and mutations and oh god, he's going to die. Not like his normal life isn't like that already, but this just takes the cake.

The voice that's broadcasting over the network sounds a bit shaky, but it's one with an unmistakably Northern English accent, so. Human. A slightly confused, very suspicious human.

This the... Sacrosanct network? Hi. Connor Temple here. Like anyone knows me.

[ Temple TV broadcast mode is go. ]

So I don't really know what's... I mean, I know what's goin' on, I've had the tour. Nice, but not exactly informative, you know, regarding... why I'm here. The detector isn't working. Don't know how I fell through the anomaly in the first place; I wasn't even near one when it happened. When I left. When I was -- never mind. But it's not lookin' like it's gonna close anytime soon, so I'll run some tests, see if anything can be done, and then... [ awkward, nervous pause. Tentatively, like he's just covering all his bases: ] Abby? Becker? Danny?

[ ... ]

Right, okay. Worth a shot.

Sooo. Space station. Creepily empty space station. Maybe. Any humans? Anyone? Give a shout if you can hear me. Or something.

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Oh, um. Just that I've got this anomaly detector, and I was tryin' to use it to figure out whether or not the thing was a proper anomaly. It doesn't look like it is. By all means it should be -- but according to the detector, it isn't.

Well, it is. It's an anomaly. Just not the kind of anomaly I'm used to working with.

[she doesn't want to admit it, but she's intrigued] You deal with anomalies on a regular basis? In what capacity?

Technically it's classified information. [ he grins, all cheek. ] But I guess that's kind of null in the face of... well, this place. So I'll tell you.

I work for the Anomaly Research Centre back on Earth. Basically, it's an special government facility that deals with rips in time that sort of. Pop out of nowhere. Sometimes we get dinosaurs that come through. Sometimes we get other stuff that's slightly more scary depending on the time period, but. Our job is to find 'em and lock each one before anyone gets hurt.

[ success rate: VARIED. ]

[she listens, filing this all away, before nodding] You work with temporal rifts, then. I did not think them that common, but I suppose your universe differs enough from mine to make it a possibility. [or he's just from her future WHICH IS POSSIBLE theoretically speaking] You designed and built all your technology, or did you appropriate it from more intelligent species?

[ Connor grins a little. ] Nope. All hand-made, invented by yours truly. I s'pose we could appropriate some stuff from the future if we found a convenient anomaly, but I built all our tech with me own hands.

[ beat. ]

So which universe is yours, again?

Impressive. I would not expect it from you.

It is my universe. It has no name. How would you have me categorise my universe as compared to yours? Earth apparently exists in both. Unfortunately.

What d'you mean you -- [ but before he can take proper offense, he stops. He so wasn't paying attention in theoretical physics... ]

Well, if you're gonna be technical, there's no real limit to the amount of "universes" that can be created. Or already exist. There could be a billion Earths, or a trillion, and all of them could be part of separate universes. Each just a little different, maybe, with one or two things changed. What makes them different, I suppose.

Or you could be from the future. [ :T ]

[her expression just goes :|] I do not require a lecture on theoretical physics from a human. I have seen several different universes, after all.

I exist in all times. It is highly likely I come from your relative future, however, at least from my current frame of reference. You are 21st century Earth?

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