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» 003 [video]
double_discs wrote in singularity_rpg
[The video feed seems to start abruptly out of the middle of whatever is going on although just what is occurring is, at first, hard to distinguish. But then things begin to come into focus as the camera compensates for the odd angle and a viewer can make out a large black lump lying on the floor that is presumably the wearable's owner.

Things aren't as calm as they first appear.

Sharp pieces of shattered glass litter the floor around the unconscious figure, shining like tiny stars in the darkened room as stray bits of light hit them. The lump twitches and jerks in uncomfortable fits. A constant rumbling growl chances pitch and decibel constantly. Every so often a muttered word or cut-off shout pierces the near-silence. Nothing seems pleasant about the entire experience.

Fragmented memory files shift about as the program lies in a restless recompile. The closest thing to a "nightmare" a program can have.]

[[All ic replies will be delayed by a few hours. Shout all you want, he can't be woken by normal means.]]

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[someone is, quite frankly, intrigued, though she doesn't speak, just examines the tableau]

I find your reaction curious. What were you doing?

What led to the need to do so?

Regular maintenance.

Your maintenance involves broken glass?

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[He pauses; he's really not sure where that came from. Had he done it or had CLU previously? He can't exactly recall. That's not supposed to happen.]

No. Just happened to be there.

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[this man is intriguing and the TARDIS scrutinizes his some time more, debating the content and truth of his story]

Does your regular maintenance always involve thrashing?

Do you require an external diagnostic?

Negative. [No way is anyone allowed to touch his disc.]

[poooooooooout] Why?

Why? Because it is normal. Because it effects nothing.

Nothing but my ability to learn more about your processes.

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