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1* [Video]
I'm not your toy, [normal] survive
survivethesiren wrote in singularity_rpg
[The video flickers on, revealing a woman sitting in a darkened room.

She was quite visible despite the low overhead light—she is glowing. Or, at least, her suit is. Bright lines of energy slide down the figure hugging suit, giving her white face a soft light.

What she is thinking, though, who could tell. Her face gives away nothing, only a mere quirk of her eyebrow showing that she had any thought at all. She seems to be processing, and after a few moments, she closes her eyes, and opens them once more.

Now, there is emotion. A slight frown flickers cross her lips, and when she speaks, the sound has a robotic -tinge.]

Synchronization complete. Requesting information. Is this a Third Grid?

[Letting out a breath, it almost seems as if she is annoyed.]

Where is Castor. This is his fault.

[She just knew it. And they have business to settle.]

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[The Grid? and glowing like Anon does? or for that matter, the way Flynn's clothes do? syncronization? this woman is obviously a non-human and appears to be a program, from what she knows of programs]

Another program? You are also one of Kevin Flynn's?

Yes. He is my Creator.

[As are most of them. She only knows of one Program besides the Isos that was not made by Flynn.]

I assume you know of us, then.

I do. He has mentioned the creation of his Grid in the past. I have met other programs who belong to him.

I don't belong to him.

I belong to no one.

[Not any more.]

If you belong to no one, I suppose that makes you worthless.

Worth is not found in who owns you.

Users do not belong to anyone, and they have worth.

Do they really?

[That gets a chuckle]

They have the ability to Create. Only a foolish Program would say they don't have a purpose.

You belong to no one and cannot lay claim to any ability that makes you worthwhile. How are you useful?

I'm a watch, I wait. I gather information in ways others can not.

And what are you, that makes you so qualified to pass judgement?


Time and Relative Dimension in Space. I am a Time Travel Capsule.

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