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welcome to the singularity ; sacrosanct secure network

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003 || audio/visual/commentlog || open channel
only the strongest will survive
thom_293 wrote in singularity_rpg
[Have the resident cowboy Spartan, Sacrosanct. The feed's a little shaky, catching just half of his face before it takes in a sweeping view of the countryside. He's chilling out on a grassy knoll somewhere, sans armour, looking relatively at ease for, you know, a terrifying space marine. The view shifts a moment after, directed upwards.]

Guy's gotta know.

[And the feed focuses in on this particular cloud formation.]

Duck? Foot? Ceremonial alien weapon? Atmospheric indigestion?

293, out.


You know, putting curry in a cake doesn't work out half so well when I do it.


[ooc; Thom's chilling out in a garden zone. Trip over him if you'd like? <3]

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audio || unsc encryption || 100% unhackable

[she takes all of this in silently, processing and filing the information because she's way smarter than her mun]

In essence, you have found the cracks in the universe. Nothing is immutable, even the fabric of existence; it is always shifting and changing. For you to have found such cracks speaks highly of your ability; even the humans in my universe never found them without a rift tearing apart for them to notice.

Time travel through these cracks is possible, but highly discouraged. They are unstable and the power required to travel through them is enormous. I am surprised your people realised the need to maintain velocity before travelling through one, even for simple interstellar travel.

[hum de dum, techbabble speak is hard]

Edited at 2011-04-28 06:42 pm (UTC)

audio || unsc encryption || 100% unhackable

[your pain, it is shared.]

We don't find them, we create them. A structured 'tear' in the fabric, so to speak. It's taken us a few hundred years to get it right, and our -

[... enemies.]

- ability isn't as far along as some of the other races we've run into.


audio || unsc encryption || 100% unhackable

I should think it not. Humans are a young and ignorant species, after all.

[hello space racist, meet your match!]

audio || unsc encryption || 100% unhackable

Well you're pretty free with your opinions.

[TOUGH LUCK TARDIS he's ... not nearly as space racist as some of the other Spartans here.]

audio || unsc encryption || 100% unhackable

It is not an opinion.

[that's okay, he'll learn /shot]

audio || unsc encryption || 100% unhackable

Assuming fact, then?

[he sort of sounds equal parts amused and curious.]

audio || unsc encryption || 100% unhackable

A conclusion based on centuries of observation.

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