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welcome to the singularity ; sacrosanct secure network

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003 || audio/visual/commentlog || open channel
only the strongest will survive
thom_293 wrote in singularity_rpg
[Have the resident cowboy Spartan, Sacrosanct. The feed's a little shaky, catching just half of his face before it takes in a sweeping view of the countryside. He's chilling out on a grassy knoll somewhere, sans armour, looking relatively at ease for, you know, a terrifying space marine. The view shifts a moment after, directed upwards.]

Guy's gotta know.

[And the feed focuses in on this particular cloud formation.]

Duck? Foot? Ceremonial alien weapon? Atmospheric indigestion?

293, out.


You know, putting curry in a cake doesn't work out half so well when I do it.


[ooc; Thom's chilling out in a garden zone. Trip over him if you'd like? <3]

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So, relativity of simultaneity?

Impressive. All we've got is slipspace back home.

audio || unsc encryption || 100% unhackable

[give him a sec, putting on his nerd hat. All the teal deer.]

In our universe there are three 'known' dimensions, the ones we travel through every day. Technically the ones we're in right now. And there are a number of infinitesimal dimensions not visible or knowable to our perception. We've measured there to be eleven, but the number's fluctuated over the years. Science.

[... Normally he'd use props to explain this, but you are a time travelling ship. He figures you're good.]

Slipspace travel is faster than light, managing about 2.6 light years in a 24 hour period, though your speed in slipspace is dependent on your velocity on entering it, since as far as space goes it's a non-entity. It's like putting a hole in a wall instead of going around to find a door; there's nothing there to aid or oppose you. Galileo's initial idea, the one that Newton postulated on, 'Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in the state of motion unless an external force is applied to it' applies pretty well.

It's theorized to be capable of influencing time, but nothing's been confirmed. We aren't that far along yet.

[FINALLY A USE for all those textbooks he read as a petty officer. Kat may have a good thirty IQ points on him, (which, to be fair, applies to just about everyone living), but he's no slouch in this area, either.]

audio || unsc encryption || 100% unhackable

[she takes all of this in silently, processing and filing the information because she's way smarter than her mun]

In essence, you have found the cracks in the universe. Nothing is immutable, even the fabric of existence; it is always shifting and changing. For you to have found such cracks speaks highly of your ability; even the humans in my universe never found them without a rift tearing apart for them to notice.

Time travel through these cracks is possible, but highly discouraged. They are unstable and the power required to travel through them is enormous. I am surprised your people realised the need to maintain velocity before travelling through one, even for simple interstellar travel.

[hum de dum, techbabble speak is hard]

Edited at 2011-04-28 06:42 pm (UTC)

audio || unsc encryption || 100% unhackable

[your pain, it is shared.]

We don't find them, we create them. A structured 'tear' in the fabric, so to speak. It's taken us a few hundred years to get it right, and our -

[... enemies.]

- ability isn't as far along as some of the other races we've run into.


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I should think it not. Humans are a young and ignorant species, after all.

[hello space racist, meet your match!]

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Well you're pretty free with your opinions.

[TOUGH LUCK TARDIS he's ... not nearly as space racist as some of the other Spartans here.]

audio || unsc encryption || 100% unhackable

It is not an opinion.

[that's okay, he'll learn /shot]

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Assuming fact, then?

[he sort of sounds equal parts amused and curious.]

audio || unsc encryption || 100% unhackable

A conclusion based on centuries of observation.

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