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welcome to the singularity ; sacrosanct secure network

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003 || audio/visual/commentlog || open channel
only the strongest will survive
thom_293 wrote in singularity_rpg
[Have the resident cowboy Spartan, Sacrosanct. The feed's a little shaky, catching just half of his face before it takes in a sweeping view of the countryside. He's chilling out on a grassy knoll somewhere, sans armour, looking relatively at ease for, you know, a terrifying space marine. The view shifts a moment after, directed upwards.]

Guy's gotta know.

[And the feed focuses in on this particular cloud formation.]

Duck? Foot? Ceremonial alien weapon? Atmospheric indigestion?

293, out.


You know, putting curry in a cake doesn't work out half so well when I do it.


[ooc; Thom's chilling out in a garden zone. Trip over him if you'd like? <3]

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I am the TARDIS.

Thom. Noble Seven. Choose your poison.


Yours a title?

It is the name I was given. It also delineates my function and species.

That's pretty utilitarian.

I am fond of it.

Ain't about to judge. So, forgive my ignorance - but what are you, exactly?

I am a Time Travel Capsule.

[... que.

Okay, really, it's not that far fetched - the time travel part, maybe - but the fact that she's sentient not so much.]

That's gotta come in handy.

I do not understand.

... Depending on application, I guess. What kind of time travel? The 'go back in time and fix things' type, or the 'going back in time and fixing things is what screws everything up in the first place' type?

I travel to any point in time and space my pilot desires to go. I am not restricted to only travel to the relative past.


So, relativity of simultaneity?

Impressive. All we've got is slipspace back home.

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