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welcome to the singularity ; sacrosanct secure network

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003 || audio/visual/commentlog || open channel
only the strongest will survive
thom_293 wrote in singularity_rpg
[Have the resident cowboy Spartan, Sacrosanct. The feed's a little shaky, catching just half of his face before it takes in a sweeping view of the countryside. He's chilling out on a grassy knoll somewhere, sans armour, looking relatively at ease for, you know, a terrifying space marine. The view shifts a moment after, directed upwards.]

Guy's gotta know.

[And the feed focuses in on this particular cloud formation.]

Duck? Foot? Ceremonial alien weapon? Atmospheric indigestion?

293, out.


You know, putting curry in a cake doesn't work out half so well when I do it.


[ooc; Thom's chilling out in a garden zone. Trip over him if you'd like? <3]

...it is a cloud.

Well, yeah. But it helps to look at things from a new perspective, sometimes.

It's a mix between a rubber ducky, a shoe and a hover car.

... you know, I'm not sure I can top that one.

Emo duckling.

[Kind of like Davesprite himself.]

I don't know it, looks pretty happy to me!

It's a seahorse.

[Not an obvious bias.]

... not seeing that one. Got any pointers for me?

... Are you on any sort of illegal drugs?

[... okay he actually finds that one funny, although his amusement doesn't manifest beyond a slight grin.]

Nope. Fit, sober, all systems green. Call me curious.

It's a duck! Or maybe, a dragon?

[ She stares at the cloud intensely, like it could tell her something else. Then as quickly as it happens, she shakes it off and grins. ]

... now there'd be an unholy hybrid.

[... and they would call it DUCKAGON.]

Chinese dragon with really stubby wings.

[Hello sir :3]

[Hey, Rookie.]

Sort of like a seahorse?


Seems to be the general consensus, give or take a few dragons.

... It is a cloud.

[HE DOESN'T GET THIS GAME. ;_; Also hi kind of unaware that he's conversing with a Spartan, since, y'know, no demonic armor.]

[Oh snap. You are not the Arbiter.]

Yeah, but the point is to reach beyond the obvious answer.

[... he can be civil. He is not nearly as space racist as his bros. But you are still getting a weird look.]

A foot? Maybe one'a those Greek winged shoes, if you really squint. Less sandal, more slipper.

[ He just didn't want to say 'duck'. ]

What, like Hermes?

Encrypted to Thom :: text

maybe you added too much.

[Yeah, it took him a while before he finally broke down and replied. Meant to be a joke, but hard to convey that with text and ... he just doesn't really feel like speaking right now]

Encrypted to Jun :: text

probably. you know i've got no head for this shit.

[he's actually kind of glad of the fact that it's text. he's so fucking happy to hear from you he's not sure he could keep the tension of your absence out of his voice.]

I spent so long staring at that thing to come up with something, now I can't unsee.

Oh that one's easy.

It's a piece of pie with one of those small earth fruits on it.

/cracks the fuck up

[... que.]

A - what?

... on... the sky?

Upside-down Pelican unloading a Warthog.

[Actually it looks like a duck. Sam is just trying to be original.]

Edited at 2011-04-27 11:26 pm (UTC)

Straight into a creek.

[he is genuinely pleased to hear from you, babbysis.]

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