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[ HI EVERYBODY it's Twosix-six, and we're just all going to pretend that his last slightly crazy post never happened, right? Right. Nobody here was crazy and rambling about their angsty backstory. Anyway he's back to normal now, apparently, since he's 1.) apologizing again and 2.) looking vaguely regretful. ]

I'd like to apologize for my previous, ah... lapse. Please disregard anything I might have said, I was malfunctioning.

[ ...no he wasn't BUT ANYWAY. ]

I believe some of you new arrivals have questions about why you're here, and what happened in this place before you arrived. My designation is Twosix-six and I can try to answer some of your queries.

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It is you.

[frowns, thoughtful]

How does one determine who is brought here?


The rift determines that selection, and it has so far not conformed to any efficient model. It seems to heavily harvest some worlds, some times, and then steal only one from another universe.

What created this rift? And is there any known method to stop it?

No one is sure, except perhaps Hypatia. Most of her files from that period have been erased or corrupted, and she has been unwilling to share.

And as yet there has been no method discovered to escape?

There is only the chance that the rift may return us home, as it interacts unpredictably with the teleportation grid on station.

No reliable method, then.

Tell me more of this planet Asphodel.

[ blah blah info dumo with exact chemical composition of the atmosphere and exact temperatures. It's desert, bare rock or volcanoes, a toxic atmosphere, constant lightning storms and earthquakes, and no precipitation. ]

The only 'civilized' areas are the carbon plants that work to terraform the planet, and then extensive network of tunnels that run below the surface. Some of these are artificial, built by the original crew of this station, and flooded with oxygen to support organic traffic through them, but many more are left from the passing of the giant magmaworms. They are habitable but very dangerous, given the presence of the worms, which are the planet's apex predators and attracted to sound vibrations, and the unpredictable lack of oxygen in any given area.

[dutifully records everything he's told her, adding to the growing file of information she's accruing on the station and its planet]

How would inorganics fare in that environment? Would it be feasible for me to travel there?

Organics are certainly more vulnerable to the temperatures, the toxicity of the atmosphere, and the lack of natural resources. The environment is still extremely hostile on the surface for a non-organic, though, and the worms are a constant menace. They can grow to be hundreds of meters long and have been known to attack ships as well as industrial equipment. Energy shields attract them as quickly as sound vibrations, and something about shields causes them to behave extremely aggressively. The subterranean tunnels provide some protection from the elements, but not from the worms.

However, it would not be impossible for you or any other non-organic entity if you were forewarned of the risks and took relevant precautions. The desert worms are merely beasts, after all. You may find greater risk from the Resistance, if they should discover you.

I would like to learn more of these creatures. Perhaps a visit to the surface is not out of the question.

Resistance? Tell me more.

The Resistance is made up of survivors from the original Sacrosanct crew who escaped the initial purge. Over time they have been joined by later arrivals from the rift who chose to leave the station and dwell in the tunnels, although ordinarily station residents are looked upon with some suspicion. As the original crew of Sacrosanct, many of the Resistance members still have access codes and overrides that allow them to steal resources from the carbon plants on the surface, which is how they survive without a productive natural ecosystem. They have learned to adapt to Asphodel's harsh environment as much as any organic could. Quite simply, the tunnels are as much their domain as they are the territory of the worms, and Hypatia can't control or eliminate either group due to the labyrinthine nature of the tunnels.

These survivors could grant me valuable information in regards to escaping this place. They may understand the rift that brought us here and how we might harness it to return to our own realities.

Perhaps a visit to the surface truly is in order.

You should be aware that they are extremely prejudiced against non-organics. Their experiences with Hypatia have made them irreversibly gunshy.

I am unconcerned. My shell is indestructible; I doubt they could harm me.

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