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don't be like that
evaskullface wrote in singularity_rpg
[Yes, for once Emile is actually using the video function. He's careful not to show his helmet, though, keeping the feed strictly on his arm and, dangling from his hand, a very nice blue-jeweled necklace.]

Now unless one of you got me this for my birthday, and you're a month late by the way, someone left this outside my door.

[He leaves the feed on it for a few extra moments, swinging the pendant back and forth a little. It's very sparkly. After that he switches it off, though, and goes back to his usual audio only.]

If it's yours, come by my room to claim it. If you don't know where my room is, it ain't yours.

Noble-Four out.

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Why would someone do that?

Beats me. Probably dropped it by accident or something.

Does it hold some sort of import?

Looks shiny. Kind of thing you'd see in merchant sectors.

[i.e., something Emile's completely unfamiliar with.]

[that makes two of them]

Why not simply discard it, then?

[There's a long pause, cause that's a semi-valid question, actually.]

I don't get any responses, I will. Last thing I need's someone bitching at me cause I tossed out their favorite rock, though.

Are such things that desired?

Sure, plenty of people who like that kind of thing. [MOSTLY GIRLS.] Sometimes it's a status symbol. Sometimes it's a present or something.

And hell, some people just like shiny rocks.

That seems highly illogical.

What's logical about likes and dislikes?

I fail to see the import.

Sapphires ain't rare where you're from?

[Not that they're rare IN SPAAAACE, but the origin of Earth sapphires is rare enough for 26th century culture.

Or they just match dresses? Hell, Emile doesn't know.]

Not particularly. I see no need for them, either.

[what's a ship supposed to do with precious stones, really?]

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