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creepersphere wrote in singularity_rpg
[ He's too freaked out to remember to encrypt, but thankfully his network settings default to audio. The feed starts off with the sound of struggling--something large is knocked over, and there's a faint hiss of pain before Prism starts screaming. ]



[ For those who have been paying attention to his previous posts, all of the usual perky smugness is gone. He sounds upset, panicked, and almost afraid. There's a moment of almost-silence from Prism's end, although the sound of quick, ragged breathing is still audible over the feed. ]

Return my body at once you obsolete excuse of a program.

[ ooc; biosynth!Prism is now go. ]

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[her interest is so piqued. return his body? obsolete program?]

How has your form been taken away?

[ He practically hisses--this situation is clearly not making him very happy. ]

I do not yet know her exact methods, but she has somehow extracted my programming from my proper body and placed it in an organic shell.

[she has some basic information on what's going on lately so she chances a question]

You are one of the AI on the station?

I am highly interested in learning more about you.

Why. [ So suspicious. ]

[understandably so] We are similar. I am a ship; I am not human, like you.

I am 686 Ebullient Prism, Monitor of Line Installation 1-4. If you require more information I am afraid it will have to wait until this issue is resolved.

[ F-forgive him for sounding bitchy as hell he's.

Well okay he's kind of a bitch, and this has been a bad day. ]

I do, and I will. I am patient.

Shall I seek you out?

[no problem, she's bitchy herself]

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