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welcome to the singularity ; sacrosanct secure network

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005 ☆ text; private to Vriska and Fac!Terezi
big damn hero (ain't he just)
Blue font, no caps. HIDE THE CHILDREN.Collapse )

003, video FOR SCIENCE
blue: slightly flirty, blue: heee
[ The video opens on a shot of Harry standing on the street, ice coating the ground around his feet and creeping outward at an alarming rate. He's not particularly focused on the ice, though - he has his right hand raised, and all his attention is on one of the station's maintenance drones... which doesn't seem to register his existence, despite the fact that most of the spreading ice is heading in its direction.

Finally, he frowns and glances back to whoever's holding the camera. ]
Yeah, I don't think this is work-- Are you filming this?

[Molly’s grinning a little, despite the fact that it can’t be seen, and sticks her hand in front of the camera to give a little wave.]

Yeah. It’s for science. Or posterity, or something. So if we do end up exploding stuff, we can see where we went wrong.

...Besides, it’s a good way to see how much stuff these wearable thingys can take. There is a method to my madness. ….Mostly.

I think you just don't want to put down the shiny new toy. Which is fine, 'cause they are cool, except if something's going to explode I'd rather it weren't attached to your body...

[ He glances back to the drone, which is... trundling off, entirely oblivious to the fact that there's magic going on here. Magic that should be doing something to its super-advanced science fiction technology, but is obviously not. Harry frowns, and flicks his hand toward it. ]


[ ...and nothing happens. ]


Audio; 85% Encrypted to Kimiko Ross
It's quite simple really, I'm going to explain with small words


Miss Ross.

Wish to speak with you. Hem. If you are quite willing.

< rxvt ▒ PROXY ▒ IMG/'homework' ▒ 95% ENCRYPTION TO MINORS >
sandpaper dome... no lube...
[Hey Sacrosanct, you had enough porn spam yet?

[If the answer is yes, then too bad. Veiled behind a mysterious filter to protect the innocent minds of the station's underaged youths, you are treated to yet another bombardment of voluptuous goodness.

[And this time the hits just keep on coming, flooding your cache whether you like it or not in a folder that's titled 'homework'. Click on it, I dare you:]


[video - Filtered to Kanaya]
Reaching Out
[Eleanor is sitting in her bedroom, legs folded, in a black skirt and blue blouse. She has sort of a lump of fabric in her lap, and she looks...somewhat embarrassed. Or sheepish. Or nervous. It's rather hard to tell.]

Ah...Kanaya? I hope I'm contacting the right phone... Thank you very much for the dress you sent me for Christmas. It's lovely, really. It's just...

[She carefully unfolds the fabric in her lap into a rather pretty dress, but when she holds it up it's somewhat evident you could probably fit two of her in it.]

It's...rather large.

Form 2M [ Video ☐ | Audio ☐ | Text ☑ | Other ☐ ]
[There's a single link to this.]

Yes, he is. He signed the paperwork himself.

[And below this is a copy of the paperwork. And yep - that sure is Megaman's signature.]

you&#39;ll see what vengeance means
[oh hey it's megaman]

[oh hey he looks both really angry and confused]

Okay, look. No matter what this woman...

[He holds up a holo picture of Vonnie Awning]

... says to you?




her boyfriend.

I don't even know her. I'm not obligated to do any boyfriendy things and I'm not interested in being ANYBODY'S boyfriend, thanks.


That's all.

Private//encrypted 50% to ForteCollapse )

[ voice ]
12 nobody can tear you
[ It wasn't a problem for Shadow when it came to using technology; it was one of the many things he was well versed in. This bracelet he found himself given was no exception... The interface was simple enough to use. However, there were more pressing matters at hand than exploring this technology. He began to speak calmly, though there was a bit of an urgent tone in his voice. ]

I require all information on this place and how to leave from it. I've no time to play around here, there's something important I must do and I can't waste another second. If there are intelligent life forms here, you'd do well to give me all the information you have.

[ A pause. ]

If you help me, I'm sure that I can be of use to you in return. [ Might as well create a deal... It worked on the Doctor and that Spy after all. ]

three; video
[ locked and flagged to the Avengers and assorted related MCU people ]
My friends, it would seem we've missed a number of Midgardian holidays due to recent events. Therefore I propose that we celebrate not only the holidays but for the recovery of all.

If a venue is required, perhaps the house of Tony Stark will suffice for everyone's needs? Should that fail there seems to be no shortage of buildings around for our use.

[ locked from Jane Foster ]
[ and now Thor looks as sheepish as he'll get. treasure the moment. as sheepish as he can by while looking like he's recovering from having an entire building dropped on him. being a godlike alien is grandddddd. ]

How would one go about courting a mortal woman? I imagine that my customs do not mean the same as Earth's and I would rather avoid giving the wrong impression.

have it your way
[flagged to the AVENGERS || locked against CHARLES XAVIER]

Oh, bravo to those of you who participated in that little skirmish against Magneto last week. And congratulations especially on failing to contact the one person on Sacrosanct that has actual experience fighting the man. Do I have you to thank for that oversight, Agent Carter? You, Barton?

Next time my father crucifies one of you pathetic little flatscans to make a point, be aware you're on your own.

[locked to the SCARLET WITCH || 100%]

Sister, we've spent quite enough time in the company of humans. I believe a relocation is in order.

[locked to MAGNETO || 100%]

You have more than a little explaining to do.

08 || [ Audio ]
Hat tug
Dropped the ball on gettin' together a Year's End party, yeah? Guess the whole "Christmas" baloney takes over even if you ain't celebratin' it.

M'gonna start workin' on an expansion for the Apple soon. Hope it'll make up for ballin' up Year End. Meanwhile. Found somethin' in the back of the place that I ain't familiar with.

Anyone know what a-- [ Hold on a moment, the illiterate mobster is attempting to read something outloud. ]-- car-a-oak machine is?

[ Private to Jin Tian ]Collapse )

[ Private to Toby Daye ]Collapse )

015 // Video
Almost There
[Samus addresses her comm standing in some sort of field, probably exploring the Zones yet again. Patrolling is what she seems to do the most. But for this instant she stops and accesses the network, intent on some sort of messate. She gives the camera a soft look, not too soft of course (she is still one badass bounty hunter that don't just smile for any reason), but softer than normal.]

I understand the calendar has reset itself and we are in a new standard year. I thought I would find a way out of this place months ago ... and still I'm here. Not that I've given up. But I've realized that I can-


Well, accept it. And that's due to many of you. And even this station sometimes.

[She pauses for a moment. This is normally where most people would say "thanks" or "you guys are awesome" or something. But not Samus, that shit just isn't in her vocabulary.]

That's all.

004 ☆ text;
leader type dude, determined
HS font shenanigans - also CALLING KARKAT, COME IN KARKATCollapse )

[video], also [action] if you're nearby Lente
better than you/trust me
[Why yes, Scott had a very clean New Year's. He prayed and then he went to bed. If you have your video on, you might see Scott in a small kitchen inside his little pristine barracks inside Lente. Yes I just now picked that RZ for his HQ. lol. He's busy mixing what appear to be avian eggs, although they have a lot of rainbow speckles on them, and he has some beat up pans sizzling over a very, very tiny stove. He starts throwing in random stuff that looks unsettlingly like leaves, dry dirt, and tiny bugs. But don't worry, they're just all-natural equivalents to what Scott actually needs.]

Hey Sacrosanct! [Cheery bastard smiles.] Got a hangover? I have the solution. A pick-me-up I learnt from my commanding officer while we were on this one planet with crazy hours. [Looks in the pan with what appears to be an omelette forming]

Well, at least...I hope so. The ship's AI had to find the closest equal for what I needed.

video / ridiculously pointless encryption away from Protoman 10%;
deflating our conceits

[Have a Kim, Sacrosanct. She's flustered, freaked out, hair is everywhere and she's in a small dark room with no visible door.

Oh, and that wild look in her eye? Yeah, that's...that can't be good. Happy New Years


(3) Video
If I understand your calendar correctly, today's the last day of the year.

I don't know how important it is around here, but happy New Year's Eve.

2nd Butterfly [Video/backdated a bit.]
[And here is Fluttershy... garbed in an adorable light pink scarf.  She does enjoy winter, but... that's not why she's here.]

I've really been enjoying the weather lately... It's... it's nice. Angel really likes it, too.

[She pauses, then adds on. Clearly, there's something troubling her.]

U-Um. Also, has... has anyone seen Twilight around? It's... been a while and I've looked everywhere for her. I, um, figured that she was just busy in the library...

001 [Video]
[‘Sup network? Have a closeup of a costumed face you haven’t seen before: it’s the Flash. Sacrosanct’s speedster count has just increased by one.

He has - and it might shock some of his acquaintances if they were here - figured out how to use the little band-shaped communicator around his wrist in record time, although it quickly becomes clear he hasn’t done a lot else with it. Like actually reading the network.]

Okay, somebody clear this up for me: am I being kidnapped, or not? ‘Cause if that’s the idea, it looks like someone forgot that step 2 on the way to profit is “remember to lock up the hero.”

[Flash waggles a hand in front of the feed - hello! Very much not handcuffed to anything! Restraining him is usually the first thing the bad guys do, so he’s a bit puzzled as to why he’s here or what’s expected of him. The last thing he remembers, he was watching the Ultra-Humanite reassemble a broken toy for some orphans, which was weird enough all by itself before it was interrupted by a sudden tumble through a bunch of scrap.]

You know, unless somebody just really wanted to show me their new clubhouse. But I was kind of in the middle of working a Christmas miracle for some kids who really deserve it, so would you mind putting me back? If you wait until the weekend, I promise we can totally hang out in your- [He glances around. Where is he?] … space. Junkyard. Thing. Yeah, whatever this place is.

-are there any fast food joints around here? I’m starving.

[The video blurs for a few seconds. It’s too quick for the human eye to follow, but he’s canvassing the Junkyard for a take-out restaurant. Sadly, at this time, there are no burger joints or hot dog carts to be found.]

I guess not. Anyway. If someone could just point me towards the Watchtower or Central City, that’d be great.

GL, Supes, J’onn? Princess? If any of you guys can hear me, I could use a pick up. And hey, if anyone sees Bats around, ask him if we can get some of these? [He taps a finger against the wearable, prompting a loud tok tok.] These things are way cooler than the communicators he got us.

[audio] 002 | gunnar golmen (encryption: loki odinson)
| Encryption - Ultimates (Pietro, Wanda) |

This one's free, Pietro. Proof to allay your doubts.

[A simple statement accompanied by a slight chuckle.]

Happy holidays, both of you.

[Then, a pause.]

Enjoy it while it lasts.

[Loki suggesting that he could take away Wanda as easily as he 'brought' her? Nah. NEVER.]

| Encryption end |

[Enter the sound of nice, innocent(ish) Gunnar Golmen. How have you been, Sacrosanctians?]

I have a project in mind and could use some assistance. Do any of you have experience with building batteries or generators of any kind?

003|Audio| Post-Sugar-Comatose-Emergance
[After hiding in a candy store to avoid the horrors of the Christmas mistletoe and falling into a candy induced coma, Sera awakens!]

oh-god-oh-god whats-it?!  I mean, sorry-I-mean-I'm-just-omg.

[Hey voice is very rushed and shaky]Collapse )

Audio :: Unencrypted
[Z] Oh hell no
[Of course this had to happen while she was nowhere near her apartment. LOL Audio because she doesn't want anyone seeing her like this. She certainly sounds frustrated enough.]

So, pertaining to the teleporter malfunctions; how can I fix it?

002, video
pink: bitch please
[Molly looks a good deal -- well, cleaner than her last network post. She's still dressed in a shabby t-shirt and jeans, however, but she's obviously at least a little cheerful. The wonders of having a teacher who's back from the dead!

She is staring at her wearable, still a little cautious about using it.]

So, um. I'm honestly surprised nothing's exploded yet with me and Harry both here. Anyway. I've had a little time to look around, but I don't know a ton about this place yet. Anyone wanna give me some tips or a tour or something?

[Have a small, slightly shadowed smile.] I don't bite. I promise. ....Well, much.

⊰ video | encrypted & backdated to the evening on December 25th
AVENGERS ENCRYPTION; ie: Tony Stark, Thor, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, and Bruce Banner.


I come to you all on behalf of Captain Steve Rogers—or Captain America as you’re perhaps more familiar—whether he likes the intrusion so soon or not. I don’t know if any of you are aware of a man called “Magnus” or “Magneto” and what he’s capable of, but they’re quite set for confrontation. I don’t know where, or much else, but the situation does not look promising. As it stands, they may very well be fighting right now.

Mr. Stark, I need you to please track down his location. I’m aware you’re capable of this.

Thor—I’ll be blunt and say I think you have the best chance. I can only ask that you consider giving him your aid.

I know my limitations, of which there are many right now. That’s why I ask for your assistance before it gets worse.


[video - somewhat filtered from his other self (but that should be enough)]
[The feed flips on to show Gamzee, face paint off and clearly upset about something. That something may be related to the music now playing in the background somewhere behind him.]

Is this a joke?

[The yellows of his eyes are a darker orange than usual.]

I said, is this a motherfuckin' joke??

[He holds up the CD case.] Got this all under the lit up tree a couple days ago, dig? Wrapped up all motherfuckin' pretty and shit. Didn't right know what to do all with it at first. Didn't know how to motherfuckin' play this shit.

But I got it goin' now. Been listenin' to these beats.

And this? This.

Is motherfuckin'.


9 ♠ VIDEO [backdated to the 26th]
[Jack is sitting outside his shitty tent on his shitty, beartrap-coated beach. He's also covered in blood for some weird reason-- not his blood, though.

To explain this, he hauls up pink!Dave into the view of the camera by the back of his shirt. Dave is looking very dead.

Like "bleeding from multiple wounds and left rotting for a day" dead.

Merry Christmas!!!]

I've got no fucking clue who's bright idea this was, but if you're trying to be helpful? You can cut it the fuck out! I'M the only one who's allowed to murder this annoying mutant prickhole, so fuck off and stay out of my business!!

What the hell am I even supposed to do with this? He's stinking up my whole fucking beach!

018 ♒ [Video] (Back...dated obviously)
man this bites
[Right now have the face of a clearly upset fishtroll, especially with the way he's breathing right now, and an object that a lot of folks really do not want him to have.]

I... am real fuckin' glad to have this back, I can safely say.

[Upon further inspection... there totally isn't a smear of tyrian purple on his cheek and fin. or on his fingers.

Or on the wand that he's holding up in his hand and glowing faintly... or along the edges of the empty box in the other.

... Just. Not. Not funny.

N-Not funny. An' it wasn't funny when I freaked out at first.

[Gift list is ... coming. I'll be editing the post whenever I get it up all the way.]

[03: video / backdated to Christmas, mid-morning] 'tis the season for holiday rage
[Hypatia, you are the worst Santa ever.

Ashley is shaking a little with emotion, clutching a small box nearly hard enough to crush it as she scowls at the camera.

Other residents of Normandyhaus may have noticed her storm off to her room immediately after reading the note within the aforementioned box. She hasn't even opened her other gifts yet.]

I want to know where the hell that AI got this. Now.

[video] Away
[Jin looks a little better, though not by much. His shackled wrist is still heavily bandaged, but at least he looks like he's not about to drop dead or have a mental breakdown.]

I'm going to the desert if anyone needs me. Just for a few days. Then I'll be back to work.

Also, I take it that...a lot of people got...unusual things under their trees. What do you think it means? In terms of...is it a threat? Or just the station trying and sort of failing to comfort us?

You have made a mistake. [Video]
Human - Why happen?
[Skyfire appears at a very awkward angle. Like he's shooting from around his waist. He cranes his head to look rather dismayed down into the feed. He appears to be struggling with something.]

Uh. I am having a bit of encryption. Trouble. So disregard this unless you are...

Alejandro or Michael. Please.

So I kind of need your help, if you wouldn't mind. I have a.

I have a situation. That only you two would probably understand. I mean it's a little bit of an emergency.

Bring some epoxy solvent.


[He shifts and the feed awkwardly cuts after a few tries.]