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004 | video | backdated to Sunday
pb | chatty.
theshirtlessiso wrote in singularity_rpg
Okay, so. In case you missed it the first fifteen times people said it, don't go through the teleporters. That's not really what this is about, but it can't hurt to say it again.

Anyway, I had a question. We've all seen what happens when organics go through the teleporters--or, y'know, you should have--but what about those of us who aren't organic? Any of you affected by this yet?

[This is actually kind of a PROGRAM ROLL CALL (because shut up, he cares about 75% of you, sort of--as long as you don't have warm-colored circuitry)… but hey, everyone else can answer if they want to.]

[ooc: FUCK IT, WE'LL DO IT LIVE. Tags are still going to be slow, but I am getting this post up. :|

Also, backdated to Sunday because herp derp derp internet.]

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[video] help me to help you~

Greetings, Program!

[Wow, he really needs an updated roster, like, yesterday. There is new all over the place, and Flynn arrived from too far back to really assist: the Grid hasn't been written yet, where he's from.

The new kid certainly is...green. And, well, that's a look. Nonreg. More like something you'd see in the End of Line, only Clu knows the staff there, and this guy doesn't seem the type.]

Well, there seem to be a lot of--smallish Users--children--aboard, but. Other than they don't have parental units...I think I see your point.

And, hey, does the place seem kinda empty to you?

[Extrapolating: ] Have we narrowed down the teleporter issue yet?

[Clearly you are on the technical team. He is just going to be the most helpful.]

[video] let's don't and say we did.

[Well. Tron did say Clu was pre-crazy...

--and you know what, sure. Gibson'll go with "he's on the tech team" for now, since Clu currently appears to not be a genocidal asshole. Just… don't actually ask him what his function is.]

We know there is an issue. Does that count?

And yeah, the smallish Users are usually slightly bigger Users. That would... be the issue in question.

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