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They called me state of the art
notyourchauffer wrote in singularity_rpg
Excuse me, but is there anyone who can safely venture into the junkyard?

I am in need of some materials, and I'm at a bit of a loss of immunity to radiation. I would be most grateful for some help from anyone with some free time. I pay in a variety of baked goods.


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That is correct. My exterior is impenetrable.

Well, if you're sure, I'll take all the help I can get.

What materials do you require?

I'll give you a list of a few things. It was a big list, I'm glad there's so many people to help.

I can obtain whatever it is you require. The list need not be truncated.

That's- um. Very nice of you, but I refuse to ask too much. I have a portion of the supply list already cut out. I really appreciate the help.

Very well. I will retrieve from your list.

[He pings you a list of a few very obscure items.]

Thank you again.

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