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2* [Voice]
[castor] you are a smug bastard, no one is safe in these streets
survivethesiren wrote in singularity_rpg
[Filtered AWAY from Programs, 20% Encryption]

[The device crackles on, but there is no sound but the rustling of a hand moving over a few dials at first. Gem isn't really interested in admitting what's going on, but she also doesn't want to leave her room looking like this. She has a feeling some of the Programs in the house might stare at her. She could encrypt it more--but maybe she wants them to see it. Just not without effort.

Finally, after a very dramatic sigh, she speaks.]

My face feels like it's on fire, ouch...oh my user

...and my skin is...de-rezzing. Flaking.

It's...it's a malfunction. Or...or something.

[As much as she's trying to control her the worry in her voice, it bleeds through.]

What would cause my face to become pink like this?

[Open to all: Unencrypted.]

I realize I am in need for some different outfits; freedom of movement would be more helpful in this place, along with cooler clothing.

To do this, I'd like to be able to purchase them via credits.

In short--jobs. I'm looking to acquire one.

[She sighs, but sounds confident.]

I'm skilled in a wide range of things, and I adapt quickly when given new tasks, as well.


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[the TARDIS has no idea what's wrong with Gem, seeing as she's never experienced sunburn, but she will laugh at the Program's expense all the same]

Perhaps the station is rejecting you.

Which would be such a tragedy.

I would have no qualms with your disappearance.

Then why do you even speak to me?

You never add anything of use.

In the vain attempt to assist you. We are both inorganic, after all.

Then perhaps you shouldn't be so...


No. I do not believe I will change.

Then offer assistance. You do not honestly believe the station is rejecting me.

How can you be so certain of my intent?

That means nothing to me.

That is not my problem.

It is, if you claim such an insubstantial concept gives you supremacy over me.

And what can you do, against me?

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